Disclosure of Information Regarding the Ethical Treatment of Laboratory Animals

Toray Industries Inc. carries out research and development on pharmaceuticals and medical device with the objective of contributing to human development and health enhancement through these productions. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical device, it is necessary to conduct experiments using animals. Toray understands that such experiments must be carried out in an ethical manner from the perspective of animal welfare and the respects for life.
In order to ensure that animal experiments are conducted ethically, Toray has established its own in-house rules including the Guideline for the Animal Experiments on the basis of Japan's Act on the Welfare and Management of Animals, the Standards relating to the care and management, etc. of experimental animals, the basic policy on conducting animal experiments by organizations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, and other related laws and guidelines. In accordance with its in-house rules, Toray has set up the Animal Care and Use Committee and strictly examines the appropriateness of animal experiments performed inside the company based on the 3R principles for animal experiments: refinement (minimization of pain), reduction (lowering the number of animals used), and replacement (preferred use of alternatives to animals).
Toray independently inspects and evaluates the results of animal experiments that have been conducted to confirm that they have been performed ethically. The company also provides its researchers with periodic training and education on animal research and ethics, and assists them in acquiring certification related to the handling of laboratory animals. Furthermore, Toray makes proactive efforts to collect relevant information by participating in academic conferences. Finally, Toray holds memorial services every year as a way to express its respect and appreciation for the laboratory animals that have been sacrificed for its research on pharmaceuticals and medical device.
In recognition of its efforts to care for laboratory animals and conduct animal experiments in an ethical manner, as described above, Toray was certified as an organization conducting animal experiments by the Japan Health Sciences Foundation in fiscal 2012.