Social Contribution Activities

Promote social contribution activities, including those that help foster the next generation and encourage regional development, as a good corporate citizen

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Voluntarily pursue ongoing social initiatives emphasizing education, environment, communities, and employees, focused on linking to CSR and in accordance with Toray Group Social Initiative Policies
  2. Leverage Toray Group strengths and community attributes to support high quality education


The Toray Group embraces a corporate philosophy of "contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products," and this philosophy guides the Toray Group Social Initiative Policies that the Group has operated since 2005. These policies direct the Group to act as a good corporate citizen and pursue social initiatives that contribute to sustainable social development, by doing business in a way that builds trust with society.

Under the Fifth CSR Road Map that ran through fiscal 2016, the Group focused on educational initiatives as one of its priority areas for social initiatives.
The Sixth CSR Road Map that was started in fiscal 2017 directs the Group to further key in on social issues addressed by the Green Innovation and Life Innovation businesses under the medium-term management program, Project AP-G 2019. The Group is pursuing initiatives in several priority areas, namely science and technology promotion, environment and communities, and health and welfare, and it will disclose its activities in fiscal 2016 based on the new priority areas. Additionally, the Group has newly established the following key performance indicators (KPIs).

(1)Social contribution expenditure

Target: At least as much as fiscal 2011-2016 average

(2)Number of persons reached through educational initiatives in these key fields

Target: 15,000 or more

The entire Toray Group will continue to pursue social initiatives beyond a certain scale, aiming to empower people to contribute to a sustainable world. Its goal is to educate a total of 100,000 people through environmental education in priority issues, such as water issues, from the start of the Fifth CSR Road Map in fiscal 2014 through the end of fiscal 2020. Additionally, the Group will hold itself accountable by actively disseminating information.

Toray Group Social Initiative PoliciesAdopted May 2005

  1. Based on its Corporate Philosophy of "Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies, and products," we will contribute to sustainable development of local and global society as a good corporate citizen, while continuously supporting social initiatives among employees.
  2. We will pursue original programs dedicated to the improvement of social welfare in local communities, international exchange through traditional culture, sports promotion, and especially the advancement of science.
  3. Using company awards and other measures, we will create a culture that encourages employees to participate in society in constructive ways such as engaging in voluntary activities with an eye to local needs.
  4. We will examine all marketing and advertising activities from the perspective of social contribution before finalizing them.
  5. We will contribute funds amounting to about 1% of our consolidated ordinary income to social initiatives.

Priority Areas for Social Contribution

Priority Areas for Social Contribution