Encourage dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders including employees, stockholders, investors, business partners, consumers, local communities, non-profit organizations, government and administrative agencies, mass media, analysts, and other parties

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Improve stakeholder satisfaction in accordance with the Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with Stakeholders
  2. Reflect results of dialogue and collaboration with each stakeholder group in management activities in a timely and appropriate manner


The Toray Group communicates with diverse stakeholders throughout its business activities in accordance with its Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with Stakeholders. A Corporate Communications Committee comprised of senior management personnel meets twice a year to discuss and receive regular reports on communication activities.

Basic Policies to Promote Dialogue with StakeholdersAdopted September 2005

  1. Toray Group will promote dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders, including customers, stockholders and investors, business partners, employees, government, local communities, NPOs, citizens, the global community and the media.
  2. Each company in Toray Group, through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, will take steps to carry out reforms designed to increase the satisfaction level of everyone.
  3. All Toray Group employees, in their respective workplaces, shall identify and strive to solve issues affecting stakeholder satisfaction as part of their CSR activities.