Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development

Secure and train personnel, diversify and strive to protect employment, respect human rights, and continuously improve workplaces

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Respect for human rights and fair promotion based on ability throughout the Toray Group by eliminating discrimination based on race, gender, education, nationality, religion, and physical attributes
  2. Build a vibrant and rewarding workplace culture
  3. Actively provide employees with educational opportunities, and secure and foster human resources who can play a vital role on a global stage


Human Rights Promotion System at the Toray Group

Under a Corporate Ethics Committee chaired by the president of Toray, the Toray Group operates a Human Rights Promotion Committee in Japan and a Global Human Rights Promotion Committee. With the committee framework, the Group promotes human rights at offices and plants in order to ensure a positive working environment for employees.

Toray Group's Human Rights Promotion System

Toray Group's Human Rights Promotion System

Toray Group Policy for Human Rights(Adopted December 2017)

We at Toray Group believe that respect for human rights is a mandatory principle for corporate management. Therefore, we respect international standards such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s standards in compliance with the laws and regulations of countries and regions where we operate, and will endeavor to fulfill our duty of respect for human rights as a good corporate citizen.

  1. 1. We will respect human rights, character and individuality of employees and eliminate harassment and discrimination in workplaces. Furthermore, we will prohibit child labor, forced labor and unfair low-wage labor.
  2. 2. We will strive to promote respect for human rights throughout the entire supply chain related to our business activities. In addition, we will not be complicit in infringing on the human rights.
  3. 3. We will endeavor to understand adverse human rights impacts associated with our business activities and to avoid or reduce such influences.
  4. 4. If it becomes evident that we have caused or contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we will promptly take appropriate actions.
  5. 5. We will promote educational activities about issues of human rights for every employee and foster a proper understanding of issues among them.