Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation

Ensure the safety and health of society and employees, and protect the environment in all business processes, from procuring raw materials and manufacturing to the supply and disposal of products

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Clarify and fully comply with essential safety guidelines, and encourage employees to think carefully before taking action to prevent accidents
  2. Implement centralized initiatives based on Toray Group Safety, Health, Accident Prevention and Environmental Activity Policy
  3. Implement Fourth Medium-Term Environmental Plan and achieve targets by fiscal 2015

Safety, Health, Accident Prevention and Environmental Preservation Management

Action Policy and Main Activities

The Toray Group operates a policy for safety, health, accident prevention, and environmental activities. The policy is revised every year to reflect the results from the previous fiscal year, and specifies the main activities to implement in each policy area. The table below summarizes the 16 main activities that were implemented in fiscal 2015

Safety, Health, Accident Prevention, and Environment Activity Policy of Toray Group in 2015

Action policy Main activities
Common Accomplish risk management
  • Undertake measures to reduce risks
Safety 3Z activities1
for zero accidents
  • Continue to encourage all employees to think carefully before taking action
  • Further increase safety awareness of unit heads and shift leaders
  • Equip managers with better grasp of production floor
  • Expand communication to foster positive and communicative workplaces
  • Check all procedures involving rotary and bladed machinery and review relevant safety measures
Health Rigorous chemical substance management
  • Expand and strengthen management of hazardous chemical substances and toxic chemicals
Emphasize occupational health management
  • Take countermeasures against pandemic influenza
  • Enhance mental health management
Accident prevention Achieve zero fire accidents
  • Accomplish Fire Prevention Project’s second phase
Improve large-scale earthquake response
  • Execute large-scale earthquake and tsunami response drills
  • Develop business continuity plans at group companies
Environment Implement the Fourth Medium-Term Environmental Plan
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reduce atmospheric emissions of chemical substances
  • Achieve waste reduction targets
Achieve zero environmental accidents
  • Implement strict measures to prevent environmental accidents
  1. 1. Namely, power-up 3Z activities, which have been implemented as part of Toray Group’s medium-term management program since 2011 and are intended to help realize the goals of zero accidents, zero problems, and zero claims.

Safety, Health, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation Promotion System

Toray implements its system for safety, health, accident prevention, and environmental preservation through two group-wide committees: the Safety, Health, and Environment Committee and the Global Environment Committee. (See chart below.)
The Safety, Health, and Environment Committee establishes policies and strategies for the entire Toray Group. The Global Environment Committee discusses and sets strategies aimed at securing the growth of the Green Innovation business, fighting climate change, and helping to build a recycling-oriented society.

Safety, Health, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation Promotion System

Safety, Health, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation Promotion System

Audits and Follow-Up Measures

Audit at Toray Coatex Co., Ltd.Audit at Toray Coatex Co., Ltd.

The Toray Group conducts annual audits to objectively assess and improve the execution and management of safety, health, accident prevention, and environmental initiatives at offices and plants of group companies. Internal audits are conducted using a standardized audit checklist, and encompass visits and production floor guidance provided by directors and managers from other group companies.
In fiscal 2015, audits were conducted for all 12 plants and one research laboratory at Toray, 47 plants operated by 25 group companies in Japan, and 57 plants operated by 42 group companies outside of Japan. The audits focused on three areas: ensuring a continued increase in the safety awareness of unit heads and shift leaders, progress on the Fire Prevention Project’s second phase, and ensuring prevention of environmental accidents. The audits helped to secure systematic improvements by identifying and addressing facility issues and issues relating to management.

ISO 14001 Certification

The Toray Group is pursuing the acquisition of ISO 14001, the certification for environmental management system, by all of its group companies, offices, and plants. Toray had completed accreditation for all 12 of its plants by the end of 2000. By fiscal 2014, 36 plants at 22 group companies in Japan and 52 plants at 39 group companies outside Japan were certified.
In fiscal 2015, two plants at two companies (P.T. Toray Polytech Jakarta of Indonesia and Toray Jifa (Qingdao) Textile Co., Ltd. of China) newly acquired ISO 14001 certification.

Responsible Care Program

Under Responsible Care programs, chemical companies pursue voluntary management of chemical substances, transparent disclosure, and communication with the public. Companies committed to Responsible Care take safety, health, and environmental measures across the entire product lifecycle—from development, manufacturing, distribution and consumer use to the disposal—and then disclose the results of their efforts.
Toray implements its program in accordance with the Responsible Care Global Charter.2 In fiscal 2015, Toray set priority issues: implementing the Fourth Medium-Term Environmental Plan, strengthening accident-prevention countermeasures via the second phase of its Fire Prevention Project, and preparing for the chemical risk assessments specified in Japan’s revised Industrial Safety and Health Act.

  1. 2 The Responsible Care Global Charter was originally established in 2005 to encourage companies to take concrete action that is understandable to external stakeholders. The Charter was revised in 2014, and Toray was a signatory to both the original and revised Charter.

Complying with REACH and Other International Chemical Substance Regulations

All business divisions of Toray, as well as its group companies in and outside Japan, have systems in place for securing compliance with European regulations on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH). The Toray Group is systematically working toward registration of designated substances by the final deadline of May 31, 2018. The Group monitors chemical substance regulations in other regions and countries including Taiwan and South Korea, sharing the information about changes and providing support to secure compliance.
Toray and some of its group companies in Japan use the List of Lists (LOLI) Database,3 a comprehensive database of chemical hazard and toxicity information and regulations in countries around the world, to ensure that they handle chemical substances safely and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations worldwide.

  1. 3 Provided by the U.S. company, ChemADVISOR, Inc., LOLI is a search tool and database of regulatory lists from many countries around the world.

Complying with Japan’s Chemical Substances Control Law

With the revision of Japan’s Chemical Substances Control Law4 in April 2011, companies have been required to report on the manufacture, import, and utilization of general chemical substances. Toray and its group companies in Japan systematically responded to the revision and completed their report covering fiscal 2014 in June 2015.

  1. 4 Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.