Environmental Risk Management

Number of environmental accidents

Incidents Involving Environmental Disasters, Legal Compliance, and Worksite Accidents in Fiscal 2015

Toray Group companies and plants recorded no regulatory violations in fiscal 2015.
However, the Group recorded one accident involving a fire (see “Toray Group Safety Record”), which was immediately addressed by implementing preventative measures. The Group received 12 complaints and requests from residents near its facilities concerning noise and odor, which were seriously examined and addressed by implementing improvements.

Environmental Incidents in Fiscal 2015 (Toray Group)

Administrative disposition due to violations of laws or ordinances19 0
Accidents (fires, explosions, environmental accidents, etc.) 1
Slight but temporary exceeding of standard values210 0
Complaints/requests (noise, odor, etc.) 12
  1. 9 Includes improvement orders and fines. Improvement guidance and recommendations are included in accident figures.
  2. 10 No improvement guidance or recommendations were received from authorities, as there was no harm to the environment.

Preventing Soil and Groundwater Pollution

The Toray Group constructs protective embankments around its facilities and storage tanks for hazardous chemicals, and takes precautions to ensure that none of these dangerous substances leak or discharge into the surrounding area or contaminate the soil onsite. In fiscal 2015, remediation using wells to clean up groundwater pollution continued at Toray Monofilament Co., Ltd., and remediation to address soil pollution continued at Toray’s Nagoya Plant.
In addition to these ongoing remediation efforts, the Toray Group voluntarily implements regular surveys to monitor soil and groundwater pollution. Should any pollution be identified through these surveys, rules are in place to ensure that immediate action is taken to remediate the pollution.