Biodiversity Initiatives

Materiality Focus

The Toray Group views conservation of biodiversity as a critical global environmental issue that is of equal importance to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Group analyzes the impact of its business activities on biodiversity and strives to help build a more sustainable world.

Working Group Considers Initiatives for Biodiversity

The Toray Group pursues biodiversity initiatives under a three-year action road map and prioritized measures under the Toray Group Biodiversity Basic Policy. In fiscal 2015, the final year of the second road map focused on conservation of green space from fiscal 2013 to 2015, the Group followed up on three years of progress.

Biodiversity InitiativesAdopted December 2010

Basic Concept

Toray Group appreciates the gifts of nature that biodiversity provides, and strives to realize the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The Group contributes to society through the development and dissemination of products and technologies which advance conservation of biodiversity.

Action Guidelines

  1. We take into consideration the impact of our business activities on biodiversity, and strive to realize the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  2. We endeavor to develop environmentally friendly technologies and products, and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity by making them available for use.
  3. We practice fair use of genetic resources on the basis of relevant international agreements.
  4. We recognize the influence of biodiversity within the supply chain, and pursue coexistence with nature.
  5. We strive to raise employee awareness on biodiversity, and contribute to the building of a society that nurtures biodiversity through our communication with stakeholders.
  • Note: Toray Group respects Nippon Keidanren’s Declaration of Biodiversity (Guide to Action Policies) and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement in Biodiversity. The Group is a promotion partner of Nippon Keidanren’s Declaration of Biodiversity.

Main Initiatives in Fiscal 2015

Procuring Raw Materials

The Toray Group conducted a survey of all products to determine the usage of bio-based raw materials in product manufacturing. The Group also studied approaches to confirming impacts on biodiversity.

Social Initiatives

The Toray Group also endeavors to conserve biodiversity with its social initiatives. In fiscal 2015, employees and families of Toray Group companies in the Tokyo area took part in the Third Arakawa Clean Aid events. The participants listened to speakers from the non-profit Arakawa Clean Aid Forum about biodiversity and environmental conservation, then collected refuse while recording the type and quantity of refuse.

  • Participants listen to a lecture.Participants listen to a lecture.
  • After the lecture, participants clean up along the Arakawa River.After the lecture, participants clean up along the Arakawa River.

Increasing Green Areas

Develop greenery policy and plan, as part of biodiversity conservation initiatives (number of group companies and plants)

Forested area of Toray’s Aichi Plant, which is located in a residential communityForested area of Toray’s Aichi Plant, which is located in a residential community

Plants at Toray and its group companies in Japan operate greenery policies and plans through 2020, guided by the Toray Group Basic Policy for Increasing Green Areas.11 The plans encompass initiatives to conserve green areas, including natural forests12 that have been protected since the plants began operating. Sustainable greenery conservation initiatives also help to conserve the environment for communities.

  1. 11 Toray Group Basic Policy on Increasing Green Areas was established in 2012, evolving out of greenery policies that were first established in 1973.
  2. 12 Natural groves or forestation by species based on potential native vegetation

Toray Group’s Basic Policy for Increasing Green AreasEstablished June 2012

  1. Toray Group contributes to the preservation of the natural environment by promoting tree planting using planting methods suitable for the biodiversity of local habitats.
  2. Toray Group aims to surround its production plants with greenery by giving priority to tree planting in areas at the boundaries of factory sites.
  3. Toray Group sets goals for making each of its production plants greener while considering how to attain harmony with the surrounding environment as well as regulations concerning green space ratios in each respective country or region.

VOICEMessage from a Research Manager

Naoko Takei

Naoko Takei Manager, Environmental Technology Research Office, Environmental Science and Technology Department, Toray Techno Co., Ltd.

Diverse Support for Conservation Efforts at Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa has been designated as a UNESCO Ramsar Wetland, and, as the largest freshwater lake in Japan, it is both rich in biodiversity and supports the lives and industrial activities of people in the Kansai region. In the 1970s, Japan experienced a major outbreak of freshwater red tide that led to the implementation of proactive measures to conserve water quality. However, because there are diverse and complex factors at play, the impact and incidences of red tide will continue long term.
Toray’s Shiga Plant and Seta Plant use industrial water supplied from Lake Biwa. To contribute to the long-term health of the lake, Toray Techno Co., Ltd. is working on several fronts to assist various government strategies to address issues affecting Lake Biwa. The Mother Lake 21 Plan (Lake Biwa Comprehensive Preservation and Improvement Project) is mobilizing governments and residents to realize strategies for people to coexist harmoniously with Lake Biwa while capitalizing on regional culture and commercial activities, to protect water quality and restore the lagoons of Lake Biwa that are important biological habitats. Under the plan, Toray Techno is also supporting diverse surveys and research to identify the causes of high COD levels in Lake Biwa, which exceed allowable concentrations.

  • Positioning data collection equipment for the Lake Biwa watershed

Positioning data collection equipment for the Lake Biwa watershed

Toray Group’s Approach to the Relationship between Corporate Activities and Biodiversity

Starting from the procurement of raw materials, the entire lifecycle of the Toray Group’s business activities has a wide range of effects on biodiversity. The two diagrams below conceptualize the relationship between the Group’s business activities and biodiversity in terms of the two aspects of risks and opportunities.