Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance

Materiality Focus

Ensure all executives and employees uphold a sense of responsibility, fairness and high ethical standards, and always act in accordance with the law to maintain the trust of society.

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. No major cases of non-compliance or violation notices throughout the Toray Group
  2. Promote compliance activities in accordance with the conditions of each country or region
  3. Enhance awareness-raising and educational activities relating to corporate ethics and legal compliance


The Toray Group recognizes the absolute importance of compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms. Top management takes a clear position on corporate ethics and legal compliance in the execution of their own duties and guides the entire Group’s approach to compliance.

Framework for Promoting Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance at Toray

Toray operates a Corporate Ethics Committee chaired by the president. The committee oversees corporate policies relating to corporate ethics, and implements initiatives through the joint efforts of labor and management. As a subordinate organization of this committee, Toray operates a Company-Wide Legal Compliance Committee comprised of section managers of worksites which communicates with senior management and addresses company-wide compliance issues. This committee shares the approach of top management and the policies determined by the Corporate Ethics Committee, while also reporting progress on corporate ethics and legal initiatives on the frontlines to senior management. Furthermore, CSR/legal compliance committees are operated at the divisional and plant levels to implement initiatives rooted in the workplace and carried out by all employees.

Framework for Promoting Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance at Toray

Framework for Promoting Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance at Toray

Toray has established CSR/legal compliance committees at its group companies in Japan, and appointed executives and section managers in charge of legal compliance. Furthermore, relevant departments at Toray’s headquarters collaborate to hold a group-wide corporate ethics and legal compliance meeting annually to improve understanding of revised laws and particular issues.
CSR/legal compliance committees have also been established at Toray’s group companies around the world. With support from Toray’s International Division, CSR Operations Department, and other relevant sections, the committees independently promote initiatives related to legal compliance and corporate ethics.

Company-wide Activities in Fiscal 2015

Toray established or undertook the following company-wide initiatives in fiscal 2015 relating to corporate ethics and legal compliance. Group companies in and outside Japan also work independently on their own activities based on these initiatives.

  • Introduced self-monitoring and mutual inspection system for internal control
  • Provided thorough training on security trade controls
  • Provided all employees with comprehensive information on antitrust laws and anti-bribery rules around the world
  • Implemented initiatives to ensure strict compliance