Business Continuity Plan Initiatives

Percentage of group companies preparing emergency response plan for business continuity

Ensuring Preparedness for Major Earthquakes

Employees practice setting up company-wide emergency response headquarters during training.Employees practice setting up company-wide emergency response headquarters during training.

The Toray Group has long taken seriously the risks posed by destructive earthquakes and has been carrying out initiatives based on its Major Earthquake Business Continuity Plan.
In fiscal 2015, Toray continued with work begun in fiscal 2014 to set up an employee safety verification system at group companies in Japan, conduct systematic seismic upgrades for plant buildings, and verify business continuity planning for products with a high social relevance.
Toray has carried out drills to practice setting up company-wide emergency response headquarters since fiscal 2012. In fiscal 2015, this drill simulated a disaster scenario in which a major earthquake along the Nankai Trough caused extensive damage to group companies and plants situated in parts of Japan in Shizuoka Prefecture and further west. This year, Toray raised the level of training difficulty by not disclosing certain parts of the scenario.
To prepare for an earthquake with an epicenter directly under the Tokyo metropolitan area, Toray revised the Tokyo Head Office’s Emergency Response Plan for Major Earthquakes for the first time in three years. The latest version has been distributed to all employees at the Tokyo Head Office and the information discussed and reviewed. Additional functions were also added to the Toray Disaster Map System, which was introduced after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The system is designed as a tool to help quickly and accurately ascertain damage sustained by group companies and Toray business partners in the aftermath of a disaster.

Addressing Influenza Pandemics

Toray’s recent preparedness efforts for influenza pandemics included revising the Toray Group Influenza Pandemic Response Plan in June 2015 to address high and low pathogenic viruses. Along with the revision, Toray’s offices and plants reviewed existing risk management systems and measures to control infectious disease in the case of human-to-human transmission of infection in Japan and began rolling out an updated system and measures in fiscal 2015.