For many years, as part of its efforts to promote science and technology, the Toray Group has been carrying out various educational programs for people pursuing science and engineering. The Group has broadened these activities to include elementary and junior high school students in recent years. Incorporating information on its products into teaching materials, the Group is implementing educational programs and other initiatives as it works to actively support education around the world.

Supporting Science in the Classroom

The Toray Group has been sending employees to elementary and junior high schools to offer science workshops since 2007. In fiscal 2015, science workshops were conducted at 34 schools in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi and other prefectures in Japan, as well as in the United States, one-third of which requested another workshop for the following year. The program was expanded in fiscal 2015 to encompass schools in Fukui and Shiga prefectures. The workshops won positive feedback from the schools for helping students to understand how advanced materials work and the role they play in society and stimulating their interest in science. Toray also donated laboratory equipment and teaching materials to 16 schools. 

  • Science workshop in a classroom in JapanScience workshop in a classroom in Japan
  • Science workshop at a school in the United StatesScience workshop at a school in the United States

In June 2015, employees of Toray Plastics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. taught a workshop at an elementary school in Shenzhen, China on the importance of conserving global water resources.
In August 2015, employees of Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. taught a science workshop for 60 sixth-grade students at an elementary school near the company’s Bangkok Factory. Since it was the first time for Toray employees to conduct a science workshop for students in Thailand, Toray staff made careful preparations before the workshop, including meeting with local government officials and school staff, creating teaching materials, and training the instructors. The school welcomed the Toray employees with a ceremony and the students enjoyed the workshops.

  • Environmental workshop in ChinaEnvironmental workshop in China
  • Science workshop in ThailandScience workshop in Thailand

Toray Conducts Science Workshops at Boeing-Sponsored Event

Enthusiastic students during a quiz game.
Enthusiastic students during a quiz game.

In September 2015, Toray conducted science workshops as part of “Boeing STEM Program in Japan—The Seattle Museum of Flight Comes to Japan,” an event organized by the Japan Science Foundation/Science Museum. Research staff from Toray’s Composite Materials Research Laboratories conducted workshops for elementary and junior high school students on high-performance fibers and the ways they are changing the world. Toray employees were eager to share their knowledge with the students in the hope that it would stimulate their interest in science and technology and perhaps lead them to consider careers in science.

Supporting Career Choices

The Toray Group is supporting career education for students. In fiscal 2015, the Group cooperated with initiatives in various parts of Japan that aim to broadly expose students to career options, by receiving field trips and sending Toray employees to speak at schools.
In the city of Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture, female researchers from the Medical Products Quality Assurance Department of Toray visited with junior high school students to talk about R&D and quality assurance work for pharmaceuticals and conduct a demonstration, as part of the gender equality curriculum.
Employees of the Global Environment Research Laboratories at Toray received a group of junior high school students and conducted a workshop on research into water treatment membranes, fulfilling a request to visit the laboratory as part of the science curriculum.

  • Toray researcher explains the equipment used in quality testing of medicine.Toray researcher explains the equipment used in quality testing of medicine.
  • Students examine an assessment device for water treatment membranes.Students examine an assessment device for water treatment membranes.

Promoting Science and Technology

Toray Science Foundation’s 56th presentation ceremonyToray Science Foundation’s 56th presentation ceremony

Toray established the Toray Science Foundation in 1960, founding one of the first private-sector research assistance organizations in Japan, which is still highly regarded today. The objective of the Foundation is to promote science and technology research and contribute to scientific, technological, and cultural progress. The Foundation subsidizes the work of young researchers in the natural sciences, recognizes outstanding achievements in science and technology together with science educators in junior and senior high schools, and publicizes the work of awardees.
From 1993 to 1994, Toray established foundations in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia that work to facilitate science and technology progress in their respective countries.

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