The Environment

Recognizing that raising awareness among a wide array of stakeholders is critical to building a more sustainable society, the Toray Group is carrying out initiatives intended to solve issues concerning the environment and water resources. Among these are tree-planting and cleanup activities surrounding worksites and plants, exhibitions, workshops, and collaborations with non-profit organizations.

Environmental Conservation in Communities

Employees of Toray’s Aichi Plant volunteering during the Adapt-a-River ProgramEmployees of Toray’s Aichi Plant volunteering during the Adapt-a-River Program

The Toray Group is involved in ongoing clean-up activities to beautify communities near business locations and plants and to raise environmental awareness. Employees of Toray’s Aichi Plant have been collecting refuse around the Shonai River as a part of the Adopt-a-River Program for the last 10 years.

Collaborating with an NGO to Improve Water and Sanitation Conditions

School visit by the chief of culture and education of West Lombok RegencySchool visit by the chief of culture and education of West Lombok Regency

Since fiscal 2011, Toray has partnered with the non-governmental organization Japan Water Forum to support projects aimed at enhancing water and sanitation conditions for 12 elementary schools on Lombok Island in Indonesia. In fiscal 2015, project staff assessed the condition of previously installed toilets and rainwater collection tanks and made repairs, held workshops for teachers and studied the self-management of facilities.
In March 2016, project staff visited schools with the chief of culture and education in West Lombok Regency, and met with school principals to exchange opinions.

VOICEMessage from Project Partners

Mustalim, S.Pd., Principal of DN Pelangan Elementary School (right) and H. Ilham, S.Pd., M.Pd., chief of culture and education, West Lombok Regency

Before the rainwater collection tank was installed, our only source of water was a well that the school shared with an adjacent home. Thankfully, the installation of the rainwater collection tank gave us another source of water. The project’s efforts to educate schools about water and sanitation inspired us to get students to take turns cleaning the bathrooms. I am pleased that the water situation has improved significantly for our school. (Principal Mustalim, S.Pd.)
School health initiatives like this one are very important. In many households, soap isn’t provided near the toilet. We hope that the students will take the sanitary practices that they learned at school and apply them at home. (Chief H. Ilham, S.Pd., M.Pd.)

Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills Hosts Environmental Education Session

Kazuyoshi Tsuji, President of P.T. Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills, speaks to the participants.Kazuyoshi Tsuji, President of P.T. Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills, speaks to the participants.

In November 2015, P.T. Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills hosted a joint environmental education session organized by the Indonesian government and the municipality of Tangerang. The company was chosen to host the session in recognition of its outstanding environmental achievements. The session was attended by 54 people from 41 companies and two government branches, and included presentations on safety and environmental initiatives at Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills as well as discussions about wastewater treatment, recycling, energy conservation, and disaster mitigation.

Planting Mangrove Trees

Planting Mangrove TreesToray employees planting mangrove trees in Malaysia

In December 2015, employees of Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. helped to plant mangrove trees through an event organized by the non-profit Penang Inshore Fishermen Association. Twenty-four employees including the president attended the tree planting and learned about the importance of conserving coastal habitats as a shield against natural disaster, and preserving mangrove swamps as habitats for diverse living creatures. The company also made a donation to the association, in order to fund a portion of a wooden pedestrian bridge that is being constructed in the mangrove forest.

Science Workshop on Water Purification Technology

A Toray employee explains how water treatment membranes work.A Toray employee explains how water treatment membranes work.

On February 20, 2016, Toray conducted a science workshop as part of an event exploring water purification technology at the Ibaraki Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center. The center staff conducted a hands-on workshop in which the participants made filters using plastic bottles, which was followed by the Toray workshop in which employees explained how water is treated and purified. Some 30 children and their parents attended the Toray workshop. The center works in partnership with citizens, researchers, corporations, and governments to pursue lake and river conservation initiatives in the Kasumigaura area, and drew on Toray’s expertise with water treatment technologies to help raise awareness for environmental conservation in the community.