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Toray Group’s global websiteToray Group’s global website

The Toray Group has expanded its global website and launched websites for countries and regions where the Group operates as part of the group-wide initiative, the Asia, Americas and Emerging Country Business Expansion Project. By fiscal 2014, websites were launched for the United States, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Taiwan, and in fiscal 2015, sites for Europe and Brazil were added. Toray will continue to grow its business in countries and regions around the world by developing websites for group companies outside Japan, as well. However, in fiscal 2015, Toray was unable to meet its website development goals for group companies in Japan due to delays in certain scheduled upgrades.
The Toray Group is working to make its websites easier to access for business in countries and regions worldwide with responsive design, which ensures optimum viewing on all screen sizes to accommodate the increasingly diverse range of devices such as smartphones and tablets that people use to access websites.