Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development

Secure and train personnel, diversify and strive to protect employment, respect human rights, and continuously improve workplaces

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Respect for human rights and fair promotion based on ability throughout the Toray Group by eliminating discrimination based on race, gender, education, nationality, religion, and physical attributes
  2. Build a vibrant and rewarding workplace culture
  3. Actively provide employees with educational opportunities, and secure and foster human resources who can play a vital role on a global stage


Human Rights Promotion System

Toray has established a Human Rights Promotion Section in its Industrial Relations Department and has formed a Company-Wide Human Rights Promotion Committee along with sub-committees at the office and plant level. In addition, Toray has appointed human rights advocates in each workplace who are dedicated to making the working environment more pleasant and productive.

Toray’s Human Rights Promotion System

Toray’s Human Rights Promotion System