Developing and Retaining Human Resources to Create New Value

Materiality Focus

Training expenditures per employee

The success or failure of a company is decided by its people—employees shape its destiny. Guided by this concept, the Toray Group considers securing and developing outstanding human resources as one of its most important tasks and a fundamental management priority. The Toray Group works to secure and develop human resources that operate on a global level with strong aspiration and ambition to develop global business operations.
Based on the following three goals, the Toray Group is promoting human resource development.

  • Development of fair-minded individuals who act with high ethical standards and a sense of responsibility
  • Training of professionals with advanced expertise, technical skills and originality in problem solving
  • Development of leaders who act with foresight and a sense of balance

To achieve these goals, the Toray Group conducts various kinds of training programs tailored to each of the three goals. These programs are systematic and logically organized, and they are offered to employees of all levels working in every field in the Group. With a view to strengthening international operations, Toray Group has designed the training to improve management capabilities, sales performance, production technical skills, and specialized skills.
In managerial level training, a new Executive Management Seminar was launched in fiscal 2013 to develop top management candidates for Toray and its group companies. This training is in addition to existing programs such as the Toray Management School and Toray Group Management School, which aim to foster the lead managers of the future; Manager Training for New Appointees, which is designed to teach the management skills and know-how essential for administration and professional duties; and Management Basic Training which focuses on early development of the frontline leaders of the future.
To cultivate professional expertise, the Group offers Strategic Marketing and Merchandising Training; Mid-level Engineer Training; the Practical Sales Course; and the Technical Management Course. In addition, voluntary training programs are prepared for employees who wish to develop their abilities even further.
In more recent years, the Toray Group has been enhancing and pursuing the development of international human resources. In addition to its Overseas Junior Training Program, the Toray Business English School opened in fiscal 2011. The Group is also working to improve its Business English Proficiency Course, and has increased the number of joint sessions of its Toray Management School and International Senior Management Seminar.
The Group is focusing on ongoing initiatives to secure and develop diverse personnel regardless of gender or nationality, and to develop a vibrant and rewarding workplace culture. Since fiscal 2013, Toray has conducted global diversity seminars for its non-Japanese employees, with the fifth seminar held in fiscal 2015.
With the addition of these and other new programs, Toray’s training investment per employee has gradually increased to an average of 101,924 yen per employee in fiscal 2015.
In addition to training, the Group is adopting diverse personnel programs to develop an organization in which human resources who are ready for new challenges can play a greater and more active part in the company.

Toray’s Personnel System

Management-by-objectives system2 Each employee establishes annual objectives. At the end of the fiscal year, employees and their supervisors meet to review accomplishments and the extent to which they were able to meet their objectives.
Personnel appraisal system2 Designed to facilitate a fair appraisal of employee contributions in terms of duties, responsibilities, capabilities, and performance.
Individual meeting system2 Employees meet with their supervisors twice a year in a one-on-one setting. Supervisors provide consultation on employee performance and new objectives.
Self-assessment system for managers, occupational specialists, and G Course3 employees Employees are surveyed annually on topics concerning work experience and desires for interdepartmental transfer. Surveys can then be linked to individual personnel transfers and placement.
Career assessment system for G Course3 employees Employees participate in a regular review consisting of presentations of daily operations and personnel interviews in order to focus on the direction of their future growth.
Job opening system Employees are given an opportunity to apply for jobs inside the Company and proactively develop their career, while ensuring optimal staff assignment.
  1. 2 Applies to 100% of managers, occupational specialists, and employees pursuing G Course3 and S Course4 career paths.
  2. 3 An abbreviation for Global Level Assignment Course, the G Course is the career path for employees who wish to pursue a career at the Toray Group in a top management position or advanced specialization.
  3. 4 An abbreviation for Specified Assignment Course, the S Course is the career path for employees who wish to pursue a career as a manager, supervisor or expert in a specified occupation.

Systematic and Effective Training

Company-Wide Training Course Enrollment in Fiscal 2015

Training category Persons enrolled
Management 722
Technical 657
Sales, marketing, and administration 374
Global 279
General 354
General 2,386

Early Leadership Development

To foster exceptional group management, Toray established the Toray Management School in 1991, designed to develop young mid-level managers into future executives. As of fiscal 2015, a total of 480 employees have participated in the school’s programs over 24 terms. In 2006, the Toray Group Management School was established to foster future senior management and leaders for Toray Group companies. As of fiscal 2015, a total of 199 employees have participated in the school’s programs over the ten terms.
Through Manager Training for New Appointees and Management Basic Training, Toray is developing outstanding frontline leaders by educating section and unit managers on coaching skills5 and boosting their problem-solving skills. The Company has also established the Toray School of Technology and Business for training mid-level employees at plants. It offers selected employees a year of full-time education in a live-in schooling environment.

  1. 5 Coaching skills: Communication skills designed to promote a greater degree of autonomous action by staff.

Establishing a Global HR Management Fundamental Policy

The Toray Group established its Global HR Management (“G-HRM”) Fundamental Policy in November 2011, with the goal of managing human resources from a common perspective shared by the entire Group, thereby surmounting differences between countries, regions, cultures, customs, and individual companies.
Under the policy, Toray practices a united approach to human resources management of each group company.

Toray Global HR Management (“G-HRM”) Fundamental Policy Established November 2011

True to its philosophy, “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products” and its embodiment through “Innovation,” and in order to continue being a highly valuable corporate group for every stakeholder, Toray focuses on recruiting, retaining, and developing employees with high aspirations for the Toray Group, with the understanding that “Human Resources” are the most important asset in management.

As Toray Group continues to promote further business growth and expansion, we set the following four principles as the Toray G-HRM Fundamental Policy, despite all differences between countries, regions, cultures, customs, and companies in order to facilitate HR management with a common basis for all Toray Group companies around the world.

Step by step, each company is encouraged to implement and maintain a concrete HR management system in line with the following Toray G-HRM Fundamental Policy. However, at the same time, it is essential to value the merits of local HR management in each company based on the individual circumstances of country, region, culture, custom and company. Thus, it is necessary to promote the policy while integrating both approaches properly.

  1. Consistently recruit and retain core staff and promote long-term HR development programs
    1. (1) Consistently recruit core staff based on mid/long-term HR management views.
    2. (2) Sustain long-term HR development through promoting individual career development, implementing timely assessments of development progress, and carrying out on-the-job training (OJT), together with training programs (Off-JT) and self-development.
    3. (3) Promote HR development by following up on each individual through MBO (Management by Objectives) and performance appraisal systems.
  2. Select and develop core staff who can win a place in the global competition
    1. (1) Recruit highly capable staff who understand and support Toray’s corporate philosophy, regardless of nationality.
    2. (2) Provide selected staff with opportunities for sophisticated high-level training and global careers.
    3. (3) Promote staff, who have skills to assume management responsibility for Toray Group companies, to top management positions of each company, and also give them opportunities for selection to executive positions as well as core positions of Toray Japan.
  3. Pursue a “placing the right people to the right jobs” policy while enhancing fairness, understanding (by employees) through convincing explanations, and transparency
    1. (1) Make the best assignment for each employee and assigned organization by focusing on his/her ability and performance.
    2. (2) Place importance on fairness, understanding (by employees) through convincing explanations, and transparency when determining individual compensation, such as salary and bonus, by appropriately taking account all of the roles and responsibilities of the position, the employee’ s ability, as well as performance appraisal results based on the MBO (Management by Objectives).
    3. (3) Enhance the HR development system and the compensation system to value challenges as well as enhance motivation of average-level performers who contribute to their team.
  4. Continue various management methods to further strengthen the company’s business structure
    1. (1) Conduct head-count management and labor cost management as an entire company in a detailed and uniformed way.
    2. (2) Always sustain a flat, effective organizational structure and control the appropriate proportion of managerial staff.
    3. (3) Maintain and strengthen competitiveness through the appropriate utilization of diversified human resources such as contract employees, temporary staff sent from agencies, and external resources.

Developing and Promoting Staff at Overseas Group Companies

Number of local core staff outside Japan who participate training courses

The Toray Group regards the development of core staff at its overseas group companies as one of its priority management objectives. The Group makes active efforts to promote employees locally hired at these companies to executive management positions, as well as to key posts and management positions at Toray’s head office.
To ensure thorough understanding of the Toray Group’s management philosophy and policies, core staff from overseas group companies participate in training programs in Japan, organized according to managerial level.
The Toray Group, with direct involvement from the head office, is developing and providing management training courses outside Japan specially designed for the particular circumstances and needs of group companies in each respective country.
The Group operates a “Toray Global HR site” online, through which employees can access information about management policies and human resources management. Employees can also access the website to take online courses that are part of a group-wide framework for training.

Training Courses Held for Core Staff outside Japan in Fiscal 2015 (Toray Group)

Japan-based courses

Training program Managerial category Number of participants
Toray Group Senior Management Seminar Department managers 25
Toray Trainee Program Section managers 27
National Engineer Key Person Training Section managers 1
Toray Management & Technical Training Unit managers 8
Total number of employees receiving training 61

Courses held outside Japan

Training program Managerial category Number of participants
Toray Group U.S. Senior Management Seminar Department managers 17
Toray Group U.S. Management Training Section managers 17
Toray Group EU Senior Management Seminar Department managers 9
Toray Group Indonesia Management Seminar Section managers 24
Toray Group Thailand Senior Management Seminar Department managers 25
Toray Group Thailand Management Seminar Section managers 25
Toray Group Malaysia Management Seminar Section managers 29
Toray Group Korea Senior Management Seminar Department managers 17
Toray Group East and North China Management Seminar Section managers 29
Toray Group South China Management Seminar Department managers 23
Total number of employees receiving training 215

Infrastructure for Developing and Promoting Local Personnel

Positions deemed critical for the global management of the Toray Group have been classified into four levels based on a group-wide standard. Toray’s head office is working with overseas group companies to develop and promote local staff in these positions; the employees are known as National Core Staff. Toray has specified the group-wide skill requirements and code of conduct expected of National Core Staff in the form of the Toray Global Competency Model. In accordance, individually focused long-term career development plans are formulated.

Infrastructure for Developing and Promoting Local Personnel

VOICEMessage from a Toray Group Senior Management Seminar Participant

Tara Natter

Tara NatterGeneral Manager, Textile Garment Department, Toray International America, Inc.

I truly appreciated this priceless experience for the opportunity it gave me to acquire a broad-ranging view of the company.

I was honored to have the chance to participate in the 20th Toray Group Senior Management Seminar. The 11-day seminar was an invaluable experience and a great opportunity to talk with and learn from so many different Toray people, from manufacturing, accounting, sales, engineering, quality control, IP, IT, CSR, and more.
The seminar was particularly meaningful in that it made me more aware of the Toray Group’s broad corporate strategies and the challenges we face in creating materials that are useful and beneficial to society. It also demonstrated to me Toray’s commitment to the enrichment of its employees and to human rights.
I returned from the seminar with a greater appreciation of sharing our corporate and larger group goals with my team and to encourage individual investment in our daily work, while keeping in mind how to continue to expand our business.