Product Safety and Quality

Materiality Focus

Provide safe, highly reliable products by striving to enhance management systems for product safety and quality assurance, and disclose appropriate information.

Fifth CSR Road Map goals

  1. Achieve zero product accidents
  2. Enhance the group-wide framework for product safety and quality assurance


To live up to its “customer first” and “quality first” commitments, the Toray Group has established policies on product safety and quality assurance and an organizational framework to pursue both in an integrated manner. Specifically, Toray’s Product Safety and Quality Assurance Committee deliberates on basic policies and other matters, while the Product Safety and Quality Assurance Planning Department plans and proposes measures. In fiscal 2015, the Group pursued concrete activities to address the issues designated in its medium-term management program, Project AP-G 2016. Moving forward, the Toray Group will strengthen its management systems across the Group, pursuing continued synergies to enhance both product safety and quality assurance.

Product Safety Management Basic Policy Established January 1992

  1. We shall place priority on the various measures required to ensure product safety.
  2. We shall conduct adequate safety evaluations prior to marketing a new product.
  3. For products already on the market, we shall take note of feedback from customers and the general public and always remain attentive to safety.

Quality PolicyRevised June 2007

We give top priority to the product quality offered to our customers as well as to safety and to the environment in our corporate activities. We work on quality assurance with the stance of “Customer First.”

  1. We make our best efforts to meet our customers’ expectations with products and services of high satisfaction.
  2. We commit ourselves to abide by the “Quality First” principle, and to improve the quality and reliability of our products, in all our divisions, including sales, manufacturing and research and development.
  3. We meet quality requirements at the stage of design and development, and ensure and enhance these in the manufacturing process.
  4. We continuously strive to organize, maintain and improve our quality management system.

Framework for Product Safety

Toray’s product safety framework is shown in the diagram. Based on Product Safety Control Regulations, Toray’s Product Safety Managers Council promotes and implements annual group-wide product safety themes that are established by the Product Safety and Quality Assurance Committee.
Product safety committees at the departmental and divisional level further examine the company-wide issues that have been identified by the Product Safety Managers Council, breaking them down into action items that are designated every year for implementation. The action items are executed in cooperation with production, technology, and sales organizations at the departmental and divisional levels, to ensure thorough management of product safety and continue raising the level of management.
Group companies around the world have also developed product safety frameworks tailored to their company size. These group company frameworks are supported and supervised by the relevant departments at Toray’s head office. The Toray Group has been centrally tracking statistics on product accidents and the execution of product safety reviews since fiscal 2011.

Product Safety Framework

Product Safety Framework