Clothing and Household Goods Freecycle Exchange for Employees

The CSR Committee operated by Toray Group companies in Hong Kong organized a clothing and household goods freecycle (free recycling) exchange for employees, which was held during a lunch break. The event was designed to reduce waste and encourage recycling, by inviting employees to exchange usable goods that they did not need. All employees were encouraged to participate, and more than 500 items were gathered including clothing, household goods, toys, stationery, and books. The committee plans to organize more events like this one to raise employee awareness of living sustainably, with consideration for the environment.

Visit to Nantong Child Welfare Center

June 1 is designated as International Children's Day and is marked by children's event held across the country. To commemorate Children's Day, management and labor representatives from Toray Polytech (Nantong) Co., Ltd. visited the Nantong Child Welfare Center, bringing stationery and other donations for the children. The employees took a photo with several children, holding a banner that read "Let's Walk Together, Holding Hands with Love and Hope."

VOICEMessage from an Employee

Zhang Jian Chief, Labor Union, oray Polytech (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
Zhang Jian
Chief, Labor Union,
Toray Polytech
(Nantong) Co., Ltd.

For Children's Day, I visited a child welfare center with a group from our company. The children met us with open arms, and when it was time to leave, they waved goodbye with big smiles. I was moved by their positive energy and attitude.

Cultural and Sports Facility Opened for Employees

Toray Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd. continues to expand its benefits and programs for employees. In addition to an existing exercise room and basketball court for employees, the company opened a cultural and sports facility featuring a billiard room, table tennis room, gym room, yoga room, go (board game) room, and library. The facility encourages increased interaction between employees while promoting employee health and wellness.

Emergency Preparedness Drill Conducted to Promote Employee Safety

Toray WBD Membrane Technology (JS) Co., Ltd. conducted its first company-wide emergency preparedness drill in November 2016. Hearing the fire drill alarm, all of the employees quickly moved to their designated evacuation locations under the direction of safety personnel. Employees also received instruction on using fire extinguishers and practiced extinguishing fires. The drill helped to raise employee awareness regarding emergency preparedness.

VOICEMessage from an Employee

Qin Qin President's Secretary, Administration Department, Toray WBD Membrane Technology (JS) Co., Ltd.
Qin Qin
President's Secretary,
Department, Toray
WBD Membrane
Technology (JS)
Co., Ltd.

The emergency preparedness drill helped our employees learn how to extinguish fires, escape in an emergency, and stay safe. The lives of our employees are of utmost importance. I hope that employees will use the knowledge they gained to act in an orderly manner without panicking in an emergency.