Promoting Traffic Safety for Safer Communities

Two employees of Ogaki Fuso Spinning Co., Ltd. enrolled as safety ambassadors with local police and participated in traffic safety education campaigns. The safety ambassadors work with businesses and organizations to promote community safety, under the slogan "Safety Japan!"

VOICEMessage from an Employee

Haruna Nakayama Administration Department, Ogaki Fuso Spinning Co., Ltd.
Haruna Nakayama
Ogaki Fuso Spinning
Co., Ltd.

As a safety ambassador, I help promote traffic safety by handing out flyers and promotional tissue packets at local shopping malls, wearing the ambassador uniforms issued by the police. I look forward to working with everyone to come up with ideas for expanding our activities.

Toray Signs Agreement to Conduct R&D for Power-to-Gas System to Fully Leverage the Power of Hydrogen

On November 4, 2016, Yamanashi Prefecture, Toray, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., and Takaoka Toko Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to mutually collaborate on R&D for a Power-to-Gas (P2G) system that will help build a carbon-free, hydrogen-driven world. There are high expectations for the system, which makes the most of hydrogen's capacity to be stored long-term and transported. This technology is poised to contribute to the stable production of electricity generated using renewable energy sources subject to changing weather.

Okazaki City Centennial Celebrated with Exhibition Match by Toray Arrows Volleyball Team

As part of celebrations to commemorate the 100th year founding of Okazaki City in Aichi Prefecture, a volleyball clinic and exhibition match was organized between the men's Toray Arrows and Jtekt Stings volleyball teams. The teams put on an exciting display of volleyball for the audience.

VOICEMessage from a Toray Athlete

Naonobu Fujii Toray Arrows Volleyball Team
Naonobu Fujii
Toray Arrows
Volleyball Team

The Toray Arrows volleyball team travels and plays all over Japan, competing to be the best club in Japan. We practice hard every day, knowing that we can inspire and excite many people through our play. Through the volleyball clinics, we draw inspiration from elementary and junior high school players. I look forward to continuing to be involved in these activities.

TOREFARMTM Solution Used in Farm Project at Hinosato Housing Complex in Fukuoka Prefecture

TOREFARMTM is a raised-floor, sandponic solution offered by Toray Construction Co., Ltd. that represents the future of agriculture. The Urban Renaissance Agency adopted the TOREFARMTM solution for the Hinosato Farm Project that was launched in April 2016, in the Hinosato Housing Complex in Fukuoka Prefecture. Through its vegetable farming and sales operations, the project is facilitating new interactions across the generations, from elementary school students to the elderly. This is helping to invigorate the community and motivate the elderly.

Toray Group CSR Report Receives Prize of Excellence from Environmental Communication Awards

For the second consecutive year, the Toray Group CSR Report was singled out for a Prize of Excellence at the Environmental Communication Awards. The report was praised for identifying material issues in analyzing and assessing the importance of CSR, and for communicating to stakeholders how Toray is helping to address social issues through its business.