Leveraging the Power of Materials for a Sustainable World

The Toray Group believes that materials can change lives. That's why the Group will continue to supply innovative materials based on core technologies and innovations, making every effort to help address environmental issues and social issues, including health maintenance and longevity.

The Toray Group has stated its commitment to management focused on the global environment and is strongly pursuing the Green Innovation Business Expansion Project to assist with the transition to a more sustainable, recycling-based world. Through this project, the Group aims to help address global environmental issues, for instance by offering innovative lightweight materials and energy-efficient processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or by combining technologies to further propel R&D into non-fossil raw materials.

At the same time, there is a growing need to address rising medical costs and care for aging populations around the world. The Toray Group aims to develop Life Innovation solutions which leverage its years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, as well as its strengths in advanced materials. The Group will make the most of its advanced materials, core and elemental technologies, and business platforms, while actively collaborating with research institutes, medical institutions, and partners in other industries to improve the quality of medical care, reduce the burden on medical staff, and contribute to health maintenance and longevity.

Toray Innovations That Make the World Better Place

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The Toray Group recognizes the importance of building a more sustainable, low-carbon world and has long worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Toray Group's goal is that it would achieve 200 million tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually by around 2020 with its Green Innovation products.

Recycling for the World

The Toray Group understands the importance of effectively using resources and reducing environmental impact including on air and water quality. The Group will work hard to help build a recycling-based world by advancing resin and film recycling, biomass technology, water recycling based on water treatment membranes, and materials for renewable energy.

Contributing to Health and Public Welfare

Life Innovation brand logoLife Innovation brand logo

Population aging in developed countries is causing governments to reconsider their medical systems and strategies, and demands solutions that reduce the burden on medical staff. Rising income levels in emerging and developing countries are driving demand for expanded medical care. The Toray Group is pursuing Life Innovation businesses so that people can be assured of health maintenance and longevity.