Contributing to Health and Public WelfareCreating New Value in the
Pharmaceutical and Life Science Fields

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. is creating new value in the manufacturing process for pharmaceutical and life-science products by applying the technology and expertise that Toray has accumulated during plant construction and equipment development in the manufacturing of fibers, films, and fine chemicals.

One example of this is the cleaning solution system for pharmaceutical manufacturing lines that was developed by Toray Engineering. The system detects the uncleaned parts of equipment after manufacturing, which is important for pharmaceutical manufacturing safety. Fluid analysis is used to visualize the flow of manufactured products, while sensors and inspection devices are placed at various points as part of a system that obtains and detects data online. The system was realized through joint development and proposals by the Plant Business Division, Research & Development Division, and Electronics Division. The company proposes solutions that address customer issues, by precisely determining the business issues they face and providing the needed functionality via solutions that deliver operability, environmental performance, and safety.


Cleaning Solution System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lines

Cleaning Solution System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lines

The company also takes this approach in the field of equipment development. Toray Engineering has entered into capital tie-ups with a venture firm started by a university to develop equipment for manufacturing microneedles (used in place of conventional hypodermic needles) and to commercialize surgical assist robots. Another project on artificial intelligence (AI) has been started in collaboration with a venture firm launched by members of a research laboratory at the University of Tokyo. In this way, the company works to develop and supply technologies and equipment that address customer issues.

Toray Engineering will continue to offer solutions that combine engineering and craftsmanship to address customer issues and create new value.

  • MicroneedlesMicroneedles
  • Endoscope manipulator robot developed by Riverfield Inc., a venture firm started by a universityEndoscope manipulator
    robot developed by
    Riverfield Inc., a venture
    firm started by a

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Collective Resources Deliver Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

In recent years, there have been considerable changes in the environment surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, with the global harmonization of clinical trial procedures for investigational new drugs and guidelines for manufacturing. These regulations require advanced cleaning operations and assurance when switching between products, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. The cleaning solution system developed by Toray Engineering collectively draws on the resources of its various divisions, realizing a special and unique solution that will give the company a major advantage.

Shigetoshi Mochizuki Representative, Pharmaceutical Technology MS Techno

Shigetoshi MochizukiRepresentative, Pharmaceutical Technology MS Techno