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Toray markets the LIVMOATM line of limited-use protective clothing, which is entirely made by the Toray Group, including the materials. The brand includes biohazard suits that combine advanced fiber and film technologies that help to protect the wearer from viruses and other infectious disease while still being comfortable to wear.
The suits for infection control are designed to reduce the physical burden on medical practitioners who work under conditions that involve high temperatures and humidity. In 2016, Toray participated in a government-funded project to study the usability of protective clothing in the Republic of Guinea, which was facing an outbreak of the Ebola virus. The study measured changes in temperatures and humidity inside the suits as well as the usability of the suits under actual working conditions. Feedback from persons who have experience working with the Ebola outbreak was incorporated into the product design, including comments stressing that the appearance of the suit should offer a sense of reassurance and suggestions for the comfort of the suit.
Toray subsequently received a request from the Guinean government to supply the suits, based on their high performance and usability, in order to bolster the country's measures against new infectious diseases and any further outbreak of the Ebola virus. Toray donated 10,000 finished suits to the country in a sign of gratitude for the cooperation received in the development process. The donation was received with thanks by Guinean President Alpha Condé.
Toray is committed to developing and marketing biohazard clothing that meets the needs of countries such as the Republic of Guinea in the high-risk regions of Africa and Asia. This effort demonstrates Toray's commitment to developing products that leverage the Group's high-performance advanced materials to help address social issues and realize a better society.

President Alpha Condé of the Republic of Guinea (center)President Alpha Condé of the Republic of Guinea (center)
Educating workers on proper protocols for wearing biohazard suitsEducating workers on proper protocols for wearing biohazard suits