Reducing Carbon FootprintSupporting the Safe Use of
Renewable Energy

The Toray Group embraces a management policy mandating that all business strategies must prioritize responsibility for the global environment in an effort to help build a more sustainable world with a small carbon footprint. The Group is endeavoring to realize this vision by addressing global environmental, resource, and energy issues.

It is critical that the world limit emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Toray materials are used in a wide variety of energy applications to generate and store electricity, thereby supporting products and services in diverse fields that reduce the carbon footprint of the world.


Generating Carbon-Neutral Power

Carbon Fiber for Wind Power Generation

Carbon fiber Carbon fiber composites used for the frames of wind turbine blades

Wind power is in the spotlight as a renewable energy source that produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gases. Longer and lighter blades increase the energy efficiency of wind turbines, but the blades must have the stiffness to withstand strong winds. The carbon fiber and molding technology of the Toray Group company Zoltek make it possible to produce long wind turbine blades that are lightweight and strong. By leveraging these technologies, the Toray Group will make it possible to develop larger wind turbines, which will in turn promote greater adoption of wind power generation around the world.

Supporting Safe, Reliable Electricity Storage

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Renewable energy systems increasingly rely on lithium-ion batteries to store and supply energy, which helps to solve the problem of fluctuating electricity supply and voltage. Lithium-ion batteries use a separator that acts as an insulator between the cathode and anode. Separators are essential in providing a shutdown mechanism in case of thermal runaway within the battery cell, such as due to an overcurrent in the battery. The Toray Group manufactures battery separator films that are thin and strong with excellent insulation performance, helping to realize smaller and higher capacity lithium-ion batteries that deliver long life.

Building a Hydrogen-Driven World Powered by Fuel Cells

Electrolyte Membranes, Electrode Substrates, Carbon Fiber

Once considered a technology of the future, fuel cells have developed to the point of practical application today. The Toray Group manufactures electrolyte membranes and electrode substrates—essential components of electrolyzers and fuel cells—and also supplies carbon fiber used to make hydrogen tanks. These diverse products are essential to the infrastructure for a hydrogen-driven world, from the hydrogen production to utilization phases. In 2017, Toray decided to make a major investment to increase its production capacity for electrode substrates at the Ehime Plant, accelerating its efforts to support the mainstreaming of hydrogen-based energy.

The Ehime Plant will build a large-scale production facility for electrode membranes.

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Leveraging Toray's Technical Expertise as a Comprehensive Materials Manufacturer

The advantage of ELIIY Power's lithium-ion batteries is their extremely reliable safety performance, as proven by a global third-party certification body. No one can manufacture a good product by just procuring excellent materials and merely assembling them. From a technical viewpoint, Toray has a variety of battery materials, a strong R&D infrastructure, and outstanding production technologies. This means we can not only discuss specific materials but also consult on all aspects of battery development with them, which helps us to find innovative solutions. Being on the same page with the material manufacturer is essential. We trust Toray's technical cooperation as a comprehensive materials manufacturer and we would like to collaborate even more closely with Toray.

Kiyomoto Kawakami Representative Director, Senior Executive Officer, ELIIY Power Co., Ltd.

Kiyomoto KawakamiRepresentative Director, Senior Executive Officer, ELIIY Power Co., Ltd.