World-Changing Innovations, Linked by the Power of Materials

The Toray Group is engaged in group-wide projects to develop advanced materials that make the most of its technological strengths and infrastructure, to realize innovative businesses that address environmental issues (Green Innovation) and help people live healthier lives (Life Innovation).

Green Innovation

Bringing innovative technologies and products to the world, to address environmental, resource, and energy issues

The global community must act collectively to find solutions to global environmental issues, if it is to conserve the planet’s natural resources for future generations. As a chemicals company, the Toray Group recognizes that it has a duty to help build a more sustainable world by creating new value and developing innovative technologies that address these issues. The entire Group is working as one on the Green Innovation project, seeking to deliver innovative technologies and products that address climate change and enable resources to be used more efficiently. The Toray Group’s goal is that it would achieve 200 million tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually by around 2020 with its Green Innovation products.

Environmental impact categories for Green Innovation products
Environmental impact categories Basic concept Main products and technologies
Energy-saving Products that reduce the energy consumed throughout their life cycle Carbon fibers for automobiles, aircrafts, and pressure vessels; cooling and insulating micro fibers; photosensitive functional materials
New energy Any parts, materials, and technologies used in industries relating to new energy Solar panel backsheets, separators for lithium ion batteries
Biomass-derived Products derived from non-petroleum raw materials Bio-based PET; 3GT fibers; polylactic acid for textiles, plastics, and film
Water treatment Parts, devices, and systems, etc. used in water treatment Reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) membranes; TORAYVINO™ home-use water filter
Air purification Parts, devices, and systems, etc. used in air purification Dust collecting filters and air filters
Low environmental impact Products that control the emissions or use of hazardous substances Non-halogen flame retardants for fibers, textiles, plastics, and films; Toray's Waterless Plate
Recycling Products made from recycled materials or featuring a recyclable design Reusable and recyclable products; material and chemical recycling technologies
Process innovation Innovative manufacturing technology that greatly reduces the environmental impact of an existing process Chemical processes that reduce gas emissions

Life Innovation

Further building on core advanced material technologies to help people live healthier lives

The aging of the population in Japan and other countries is casting a spotlight on health-related issues such as lifestyle diseases and the rising cost of medical care. The Toray Group’s Life Innovation project aims to help people live long and healthy lives by integrating the advanced materials technology that Toray has been developing since its establishment with its core technologies and expertise across a broad range of business segments, to improve medical technologies, develop preventative treatments, and reduce the burden on medical staff. The Toray Group is actively collaborating with research institutes, medical institutions, and partners in other industries to accelerate the use of Toray materials and technologies.

Brand Mark The Life Innovation brand mark design employs the first letter in “life” and “innovation” to form an exclamation mark, representing innovations that will excite and bring smiles to people. The letter “i” represents people, with the dot representing Toray’s technology innovations in the field of nanotechnology and all the other minute components which make up the power of chemistry, such as molecules, cells, substances, reactions, and structures. The dot also symbolizes Toray’s dedication to supporting the well-being of people and society by contributing in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical care, health maintenance, and longevity.