Toray Group's Management Strategies and CSR

The Toray Group recognizes that corporate social responsibility goes hand in hand with business growth. The Group continually strives to enhance its value to society and stakeholders by linking management strategy to CSR.

Link Management Strategies and CSR

Link Management Strategies and CSR

In 2002, the Toray Group outlined a long-term corporate vision covering the next ten years and has since introduced medium-term management programs covering periods of three to five years. The Group reviews these as management strategies change over time. In April 2011, the Group unveiled a new long-term corporate vision, AP-Growth TORAY 2020, which is a comprehensive strategy aimed at continually increasing revenues and profits.

As the second phase under its long-term corporate vision, the Group launched the medium-term management program, Project AP-G 2016, in April 2014. Under Project AP-G 2016, the Group incorporated new perspectives and outlined eight basic strategies based on the main approaches of expanding business in growth fields and growing countries and regions, and enhancing competitiveness.

The Toray Group places social responsibility front and center in its strategy to develop its global business and capitalize on business opportunities while minimizing risks. The final goals of AP-Growth TORAY 2020 encompass three important elements of corporate social responsibility. Additionally, Project AP-G 2016 designates social responsibility in the areas of safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation, together with corporate ethics and legal compliance, as the Group’s highest management priority.

Medium-Term Management Program "Project AP-G 2016"