"Social Responsibility at Toray Group" "Progress on Key Performance Indicators in Fiscal 2015"

Social Responsibility at Toray Group

CSR Guidelines

The Toray Group’s CSR Guidelines are organized into 10 items. Each item is grouped under one of four themes: Value Creation (based on the corporate philosophy), Governance, Social Initiatives, and Environment. The Group systematically pursues initiatives guided by these CSR Guidelines, viewing these efforts as an integral part of its management philosophy.

The Four Themes of the Toray Group CSR Guidelines

Value Creation Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities
Governance Corporate Governance and Management Transparency
Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance
Risk Management
Social Initiatives Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development
Product Safety and Quality
Facilitating CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain
Social Contribution Activities
Environment Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation

CSR Road Map

The Toray Group systematically practices social responsibility as an organization, guided by a three-year CSR Road Map. The Sixth CSR Road Map spans fiscal 2014 through 2016 and includes CSR strategies, medium- and long-term tasks, and a detailed action plan.

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“CSR Guideline Activities” and “CSR Line Activities”

The Toray Group implements “CSR Guideline activities” and “CSR line activities” in parallel. The former are driven by the entire organization based on the CSR Guidelines, while the latter are pursued by individual divisions in accordance with their own targets.

Progress on Key Performance Indicators in Fiscal 2015

CSR Road Map

The Toray Group did not achieve several of the targets under the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the Sixth CSR Road Map. The Group assessed the reasons that it fell short and is making improvements to ensure that those targets are met by the end of fiscal 2016, while continuing to maintain progress on all the other KPIs.

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