Materiality at Toray Group

In fiscal 2015, the Toray Group conducted a materiality assessment to identify the significant issues for its pursuit of social responsibility (material issues for CSR), and based on this, then outlined the future course for its initiatives.

Identification of Material Issues for CSR

Toray Group Materiality Matrix Toray Group Materiality Matrix

Under a corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the creation new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products,” the Toray Group endeavors to be valued by society. The Group pursues social responsibility as an important element of its business activities and considers it integral to its business growth.

Given the increasingly diverse expectations and demands of stakeholders today, the Toray Group conducted a materiality assessment in June 2015 and identified 19 issues that are material to its medium- and long-term pursuit of social responsibility.

The Group will take concrete action guided by materiality, shaped by its CSR Guidelines and Sixth CSR Road Map. The table below summarizes the relationship between the CSR Guidelines and implementation of initiatives emphasizing the material issues.

CSR Guidelines Material Issues for CSR
Value Creation Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities 1. Expanding businesses in growth sectors and growth countries and regions
2. Practicing environmentally responsible management considering the entire produce life cycle
3. Contributing to health maintenance and longevity
Governance Corporate Governance and Management Transparency  
Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance 4. Ensuring compliance
5. Preventing corruption
6. Avoiding anti-competitive conduct
Risk Management  
Social Initiatives Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development 7. Respecting human rights
8. Providing stable employment
9. Securing and developing human resources
Product Safety and Quality 10. Securing product safety and quality
Facilitating CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain 11. Managing social and environmental impact of suppliers
Communication 12. Engaging in dialogue with communities
Social Contribution Activities 13. Contributing to communities
Environment Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation 14. Addressing global warming
15. Addressing resource and energy issues
16. Addressing water resource issues
17. Addressing substances with negative environmental impact
18. Ensuring safety and disaster preparedness
19. Conserving biodiversity

Materiality Assessment Cycle

Materiality Assessment Cycle

Periodic Review of Materiality

The Group specifies the issues that are material to its pursuit of social responsibility in its CSR Report. The Group will increase the accuracy of its analysis based on input from diverse internal and external stakeholders, and increase the opportunities for gaining direct input.

The conditions surrounding the Group and the expectations of stakeholders are constantly changing, and the Group will regularly review materiality in light of these changes. To formulate the next Sixth CSR Road Map for the three years starting from fiscal 2017, the Group will use the list of material issues as a reference to identify concrete initiatives and targets to be outlined in the road map.

In fiscal 2015, the Toray Group conducted a materiality assessment to identify material issues for CSR. The sections of this report that are specifically linked to those material issues are indicated using this Materiality Focus mark.