Toray's Strengths

Sales and Marketing

Toray, by enhancing relationships with major cutomers, devises business strategies that take into account the entire supply chain. Also, Toray aims to maximize revenue and profit of existing businesses through improvement in price policies, distribution systems, and brand initiatives.

Fibers & Textiles, Apparel Applications

Toray Group simplifies the conventional multi-layer supply chain, and provides customer-based solutions to strengthen relationships with each customer.

Existing Supply Chain (Apparel) (multi-steps in sales channels of each materials, applications, and items) Simplified Apparel Flow (Toray Group responds to all customers needs-any material, application, or item)

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Aircraft Application

Toray Group, under the business strategies that overlooks the entire aircraft manufacturing supply chain,
builds strong relationships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers, as well as the aircraft manufacturers by closely working together on product development, providing technical support, and building a system for stable suppply of its products.

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Aircraft Application