Toray CSR Guidelines were established as a foundation for Toray Group management activities in and outside Japan as well as to facilitate its contributions to the building of a sustainable society. The ten guidelines are implemented via concrete annual plans, also referred to as action programs, established specifically for each guideline and carried out using plan-do-check-act (PDCA) management practices. Such Action programs are flexible to changing times and societal needs, and are revised as necessary.

CSR Guideline

  • Corporate Governance and Management Transparency
    Sincerely pursue CSR activities to help create a sustainable society by fulfilling our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Missions, and Guiding Principles, and strive to enhance corporate governance and management transparency.
  • Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance
    Make the upholding of "Corporate Ethics and Compliance with Laws and Regulations" a top management priority for maintaining the trust of society. Also, ensure that all executives and employees act with fairness and a sense of responsibility while maintaining high ethical standards.
  • Emphasize Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation
    Give Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation priority as a top management issue, and work to ensure the safety and health of society and employees while protecting the environment in all of our business processes, from procuring raw materials to manufacturing, supplying, and disposing of products.
  • Product Safety and Quality
    Recognize the importance of product safety and quality assurance in supplying safe and highly reliable products, and strive to enhance management systems and disclose appropriate information.
  • Risk Management
    Seek to reduce potential risk, develop a system capable of responding quickly to unexpected circumstances and disclosing accurate information, and work to inform all employees about this system.
  • Communication
    Encourage dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders including employees, stockholders, investors, business partners, consumers, local communities, non-profit organizations, government and administrative agencies, mass media, analysts, and other parties.
  • Initiatives for Developing Environmentally Friendly Products
    Pursue research and development using new approaches in order to provide solutions from the perspective of product lifecycle management in the areas of environment, natural resources and energy, and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.
  • Train Personnel and Promote Human Rights
    Secure and train personnel and diversify employment while striving to protect employee jobs, respect human rights, and continuously improve workplace environments.
  • Cooperate with Suppliers in Their Environmental and Social Initiatives
    Cooperate with suppliers, through the supply chain, in promoting CSR activities, including environmental consideration, compliance with laws and regulations, and promotion of human rights
  • Social Contribution Activities
    Voluntarily conduct promotional programs for science and technology, arts and culture, social welfare, sports, and other activities by allocating an appropriate amount of resources as a good corporate citizen.

Toray CSR

You can find more information about Toray Group CSR activities which is one of our top priority management issues.

CSR Annual Report

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