Global Management Principle

Toray's Global Operations (by Countries and Areas)

Toray's Global Operations

Toray Group began manufacturing outside Japan very early relative to other Japanese enterprises. Our overseas production activities began in 1963, with the establishment of Thai Toray Textile Mills PLC in Thailand. In the 1960s and 1970s, we expanded to Southeast Asia; in the 1980s, to Europe; and in the 1990s, to the Republic of Korea and China, establishing production plants first for fibers and textiles and eventually for non-fiber films, carbon fiber, and other products. Today we are strengthening the organic coordination between these overseas production plants and our domestic plants, and the global operations that connect these plants can be considered one of Toray's strengths.

Global Operational Framework

Global Operational Framework

Toray Group is engaged in a wide range of production activities, from basic to advanced materials and products. Furthermore, to provide our customers with the best solutions, we maintain a worldwide network of production locations and global operation functions. This enables us to serve our customers with integrated operations through a geographically optimized structure. Moreover, based on our Corporate Mission of offering our customers new value and high-quality products and services, Toray Group ensures the continual development and enhancement of its production technology through research and development of advanced materials in Japan with Japanese plants as a global mother plant. As a result, Toray maintains the industry's highest levels of product quality worldwide.