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hitoeConductive Fiber for Bio-electrode

The bio-electrode conductive fiber hitoe is a highly conductive textile consisting of nanofiber knit impregnated with conductive polymers, i.e., polymeric compounds that conduct electricity.
With textile made of normal polyester fibers, impregnating the fabric with conductive polymers alone still leaves large gaps between fibers, so the conductive polymers will easily separate after the fabric is worn or washed. However, with hitoe, conductive polymers enter and fix themselves in position within the small gaps left between the nanofibers. Thus the polymers don't separate easily but stay on the fabric after it has been worn for many hours or washed repeatedly in garment form.
Thanks to the nanofiber structure, the texture of hitoe is very soft, and with a special coating on the back the fabric exhibits appropriate moisture permeability and retention. As a result, clothing made of hitoe won't make the skin feel itchy or irritated but will remain comfortable on the skin for hour after hour.

By analyzing the bio-signals obtained through the bio-electrode conductive fiber hitoe, not only can effective sports training be achieved but also the changes in our physical condition, stress level and other physical information--which we don't consciously think about in everyday life--can be utilized in a visible manner.

* The bio-electrode conductive fiber hitoe is not a medical device.