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Toray honored with the Award (Materials) for 2006 (receiving the award plaque from Professor Tomoji Kawai of Osaka University, chairman of nano tech Executive Committee).

In questionnaire surveys asking respondents to name companies in the spotlight for their nanotech exploits during the current year conducted by the Nikkei in 2005 and the Nikkei Nano Business magazine in 2007, Toray Industries consistently outstripped all other firms in being named Japan's most watched company. This is hardly surprising, in view of the fact that Toray steadily advanced research and development activities in this field long before the arrival of the so-called “nanotech boom.” Moreover, in 2006 Toray was honored with the Award (Materials) at “nano tech 2006,” the world's largest international nanotechnology exhibition and conference program offering unparalleled business opportunities, with this and other developments providing further evidence that Toray nanotech R&D is the source of keen interest and anticipation. Based on the motto that, “Innovative Products Only Come with Innovative Materials”, Toray has utilized chemistry as the focus of its pursuit of technological innovation, integrated with nanotech and other Toray core technologies to spearhead the challenge into the creation of advanced materials.

Toray ranked as top company to watch in nanotech field!

Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper
“Companies to Watch This Year”survey, 2005

Peringkat Nama Suara
1 Toray Industries, Inc. 142
2 Toyota Motor Corporation 84
3 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 75
4 Hitachi, Ltd. 69
5 NEC Corporation
Canon, Inc.
Showa Denko K.K.
8 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. 47
9 Toshiba Corporation 45
10 Matsushita Electric Industrial
Asahi Kasei Corporation
Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.

Nikkei Nano Business magazine
“Companies to Watch This Year” survey, 2007

Peringkat Nama Suara
1 Toray Industries, Inc. 36
2 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 17
3 Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc. 15
4 Canon, Inc.
Asahi Kasei Corporation
5 FUJIFILM Corporation 11
7 Teijin Limited 10
8 Hitachi, Ltd. 9
9 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kao Corporation
Olympus Corporation
JSR Corporation

Profile of Toray Nanotechnology R&D Activity

Toray nanotech R&D is distinguished by the rigorous pursuit of nanotechnology and the integration of existing technologies with nanotech advances. The company uses this progress to take maximum advantage of dramatic performance improvements, the exhibition of new functions and other “nano effects” in rising to the challenges of “basic materials innovation” and “advanced materials and process design.” There is a tendency for attention to concentrate on carbon nano-tubes and other “advanced materials and process creation” (with Toray naturally active in such R&D as well). The true Toray forte, however, lies rather in pioneering the “Foundation Businesses” in “Fibers & Textiles and Plastics & Chemicals ” the products traditionally comprising the company's foundation businesses. In fact, a large number of nanotech product lines have already emerged as the fruits of this stance.

Challenging the nano-scale world, in the quest
to forge new values from core technologies

Nano (nm) refers to the one-billionth (10-9m) of a meter dimension. As a concrete example, reducing the earth to one-billionth of its actual size would leave the equivalent of a marble a mere 12mm in diameter. Toray's leading-edge research is spawning a steady stream of groundbreaking materials originating from this nano world.

  • NANOALLOY® Technology
  • Nano-Fiber
  • Nano-Laminated Film