Toray Science and Technology Prize : List of Winners

List of winners 1990 (31st) - 1999 (40th)

Name of Winners Name of Research
Isamu Akasaki
Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University
Professor at Meijo University
Study of Wide Bandgap Group III Nitride Semiconductors
Mitsuhiro Yanagida
Professor at Kyoto University
Studies on Regulatory Mechanisms for Chromosome Segregation
1998 (39th)
Masao Doyama
Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo
Professor at Teikyo University of Science and Technology
Study of Crystalline Defects in Metals and Alloys
Makoto Asashima
Professor at University of Tokyo
Control of Embryonic Body Form and Organs in vitro
1997 (38th)
Taro Kihara
Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo
Pioneering Work on the Structure of Universe
Toyoichi Tanaka
Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Discovery of Phase Transitions of Gels
1996 (37th)
Hajime Mori
Professor Emeritus at Kyushu University
Professor at Kyushu Kyoritsu University
Statistical Mechanical Study on Transport Phenomena and Chaos
Hisashi Yamamoto
Professor at Nagoya University
Development of Designer Lewis Acids
1995 (36th)
Hirotaka Sugawara
Director at National Laboratory for High Energy Physics
Algebraic Formulation of Field Theory
Shigetada Nakanishi
Professor at Kyoto University
Molecular Physiological Studies of Neurotransmitter Receptors
1994 (35th)
Toru Yoshizawa
Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University
Professor at Osaka Sangyo University
Photo-biophysical Studies on Vision
Kenichi Iga
Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology
Pioneering Works Initiating Parallel Optoelectronics Based on Invention and Realization of Surface Emitting Lasers and Microlens Arrays
1993 (34th)
Hironari Miyazawa
Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo
Professor at Kanagawa University
Proposal of Supersymmetry and Pioneering Works in Meson Physics
Shohei Inoue
Professor at University of Tokyo
Precise Control of Polymer Synthesis
1992 (33rd)
Toru Imura
Professor Emeritus at Nagoya University
Professor at Aichi Institute of Technology
Development of High Speed Diffraction Microtopography and its Application to the Study of Behavior of Lattice Defects
Masao Iri
Professor at University of Tokyo
Mathematical Methods for Discrete Systems and Applications
Shuji Saito
Professor at Institute for Molecular Science
Spectroscopic Study of Interstellar Molecules
1991 (32nd)
Haruo Chino
Professor Emeritus at Hokkaido University
Studies on Lipophorin, A Lipid-Carrier Protein
Minoru Ozima
Professor at Osaka University
Study of Noble Gas Geochemistry
Shinji Kawaji
Professor at Gakushuin University
Quantum Physics of Two Dimensional Electron Systems
1990 (31st)
Tadao Kasuya
Professor at Tohoku University
Theoretical Studies on Magnetic and Transport Properties of Rare Earth Compounds
Humio Inaba
Director and Professor,
Research Institute of Electrical Communication,
Tohoku University
Advanced Researches in Optical Electronics ; Laser Radar and Related Technology, and Detection of Ultraweak Photon Signals