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Information Disclosure Principles

Toray Group positions “Ethics and Fairness” as one of the Corporate Guiding Principles in its Management Philosophy and has established the “Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance Code of Conduct” as a code of conduct. The Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance declares that, under the title of “Communicate with society,” Toray Group shall communicate with the various parties associated with the Group, including shareholders, and actively and fairly disclose pertinent information about the Company.
To that end, Toray Group strives to comply with information disclosure requirements set forth in laws and regulations as a matter of course and has also established and puts into practice the following information disclosure principles in order to realize management transparency through the fair, timely, and appropriate disclosure of information.

  1. Information Disclosure Policy:
    Strive to communicate with various stakeholders associated with the Company by actively disclosing pertinent information.
  2. Voluntary Disclosure Policy:
    Comply with statutory disclosure and timely disclosure requirements and voluntarily disclose information that can be disclosed.
  3. Timely Disclosure Policy:
    Strictly comply with the appropriate disclosure timing for statutory disclosure and timely disclosure, and disclose information on facts that can be disclosed as quickly as possible for voluntary disclosure as well.
  4. Fair Disclosure Policy:
    Disseminate information to all stakeholders in a fair and unbiased manner.
  5. Information Management Policy:
    Officers and employees associated with the content of information to be disclosed shall strive to maintain thorough information management until disclosure.

For specific internal regulations, the Company has established the Regulations on Internal Information Management and Internal Trading to control information related to material facts that could have a critical impact on the management of the Company or Group companies. These Regulations prescribe the procedures, etc. for the management of internal information, the control of internal trading, the announcement of material facts, etc. The department in charge of announcing material facts shall be the Corporate Communications Department.