Zhao Zhifeng | TORAY

Managing the production of RO membranes for the Chinese market

Updated on Oct. 3, 2012.  The validity of this article may expire without notice.

Zhao Zhifeng
Production Department
Toray BlueStar Membrane Co., Ltd. (TBMC)

  1. Q1. What was your most impressive work?
    After countless experiments, we successfully produced the first roll of UTC-70LF membrane, a new generation product with high chemical tolerance specially aimed at complex water quality. The elements made of this type of membrane are very hot in the Chinese market, and what makes me proud is that the membrane is manufactured by the production line I am working at.
  2. Q2. What does your company do?
    My company TBMC is the third production plant of Toray reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and elements, located in Beijing, China. Its target market is mainly in mainland China.
  3. Q3. What does your department/section do and what work are you in charge of?
    I am a production supervisor of the Membrane Manufacturing Section of the Production Department. RO membrane is produced by my section using automatic machines which are researched and developed by Toray itself and my job is to make sure the production line can work smoothly.
  4. Q4. What kind of job do you mainly put a lot of effort into?
    I put lots of efforts in solving problems which may hinder the production process, such as people issues, coordination with departments/sections, arranging equipment modification and other works.
  5. Q5. When do you feel rewarded at work?
    I feel rewarded when our RO membrane can make qualified elements, have great market share, and benefit the company; when I heard industrial insiders say how good TBMC’s products are; and when my colleagues feel happy to work with me.
  6. Q6. What is it that you put a lot of effort into in your personal life?
    I am pursuing further education in my spare time hoping it will make me more capable of production management. Living in an international metropolis like Beijing, I often go to concerts and all kinds of exhibitions to enrich my mind and life. I also like doing outdoor sports and enjoying karaoke with friends. If you want to know more about me, you can link to my micro blog (当时风也笑zhzhfchsh@sina.com).