Li Xia Wang | TORAY

Updated on July 5, 2013. The validity of this article may expire without notice.

Li Xia Wang
Finance Department
Toray Jifa (Qingdao) Textile Co., Ltd. (TJQ)

  1. Q1. What was your most impressive work?
    Important meetings such as shareholders’ meeting are concentrated within the two days during March every year. Although we internally call the two days “Black March” due to its busyness, all the hardships we put in are paid off when the related parties show their satisfaction with the documentations we prepare, including translation, proof-reading, and bookbinding. That moment of fulfillment stays in my mind for long time.
  2. Q2. What does your company do?
    TJQ, established in July 2005, with current number of employees of 699, manufactures and sells polyester and cotton blended textile fabric. Although still young, the company is filled with vitality.
  3. Q3. What does your department/section do and what work are you in charge of?
    Since joining the company in July 2005, I have been working in the Finance Department, mainly in charge of cost management and performance analysis as well as overseeing the subordinates as a manager. I am also responsible for Japanese-Chinese interpretation for company-wide conferences and translation of documents.
  4. Q4. What kind of job do you mainly put a lot of effort into?
    I put a lot of effort into profit variance analysis as part of performance analysis. I try to think of ways to refine the accuracy everyday in order to improve it since our company has lengthy processes and complex raw material procurement.
  5. Q5. When do you feel rewarded at work?
    I feel rewarded when the documents I create are flawless and satisfactory to related parties and when my interpretation helps the people around me to better communicate.
  6. Q6. What is it that you put a lot of effort into in your personal life?
    Being engaged in the type of work that requires sitting for long hours, I feel that I have stiff shoulders more frequently and my physical strength declining. For this reason, I currently go to the gym every day after I get home to stay physically fit. It allows me to release my stress and helps me to lose weight.