Cao Shu | TORAY

Updated on October 16, 2013. The validity of this article may expire without notice.

Cao Shu
Personnel Department
Toray Sakai Weaving & Dyeing (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (TSD)

  1. Q1. What was your most impressive work?
    I have been in charge of undertaking training programs ever since I joined TSD three and a half years ago. The training workshops for group leaders held from 2011 to 2012 were the biggest training activities, with approximately 400 employees attending. Being a front-line manager, I feel that enhancing my capability is one important issue to be tackled.
  2. Q2. What does your company do?
    TSD was established in Nantong of Jiangsu Province, China in 1994. The current number of employees is about 2,300 and the company engages in weaving, dying, and selling synthetic fibers. The company’s performance has continued to rise since 2006, and this year we are working hard to achieve the highest operating income ever.
  3. Q3. What does your department/section do and what work are you in charge of?
    I work in the Personnel Department. It is the department that deals with securing company wide personnel, evaluating, training, calculating labor costs, and enforcing company policies and rules. Within these operations, I am in charge of training related operations, mainly introductory education for new recruits.
  4. Q4. What kind of job do you mainly put a lot of effort into?
    I put the most effort into the training of new recruits. The frequency of employees joining and leaving is increasing since many people cannot withstand the working environment (noise and high temperature). Educating new recruits (introductory education and disciplining) and following up on them is becoming more and more important in order for them to take root in the company.
  5. Q5. When do you feel rewarded at work?
    I feel rewarded every time I finish the new recruits’ introductory education. The new recruits do not know about our company, especially Toray Group’s history, as they have just joined the company. Therefore, I try to convey to them worthy information of TSD and Toray Group as well as challenging and rewarding work they can look forward to. I enjoy communicating these messages to the new recruits and at the same time I feel proud of working for Toray Group.
  6. Q6. What is it that you put a lot of effort into in your personal life?
    Music is what I put a lot of effort into in my personal life. I have loved music ever since I was little and on weekdays I buy CD albums of my favorite artists. On weekends, I often go to karaoke with my friends. Recently, I am starting to be interested in Korean dramas. To be honest, I do not really have a reason for loving music. I just feel that music lets me forget my troubles and releases my stress.