Chizuru Narasaka | TORAY

Customizing and selling TORAYVINO® to customers worldwide

Updated on Oct. 3, 2012.  The validity of this article may expire without notice.

Chizuru Narasaka
Torayvino Sales & Marketing Dept.
Toray Industries, Inc.

  1. Q1. What was your most impressive work?
    We had a project of an OEM (customer's brand product supply) customer to develop global sales of water purifiers. I took care of the product side almost as one of members of the customer team. It was impressive to me that a female leader of the team was excellent and powerful to the goal.
  2. Q2. What does your company do?
    Toray was founded in 1926, and has six main business segments of Fibers & Textiles, Plastics & Chemicals, IT-related Products, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Life Science & Other Businesses and our Environment & Engineering.
  3. Q3. What does your department/section do and what work are you in charge of?
    Our department handles sales and marketing of TORAYVINO® household water purifiers. You may have seen the compact faucet-mount type, and we also have counter-top, pitcher, under-the-sink and shower-head types. I take care of business to customers based in Hong Kong and Europe, and destinations of the products are worldwide.
  4. Q4. What kind of job do you mainly put a lot of effort into?
    My main job is to hear requests from customers and propose and alter products according to local circumstances to be sold. They are very different according to each country.
  5. Q5. When do you feel rewarded at work?
    I feel rewarded when ordered products are shipped after new launch of business, or after new products are made, and as good relationships with customers are developed by our daily support. Sales cures all pains at work.
  6. Q6. What is it that you put a lot of effort into in your personal life?
    Watching plays! I love plays produced by Japanese modern playwrights and directors, and also watch musical and dance pieces, and Japanese traditional plays like kabuki. It's a pity I can't go more now but still I watch over 30 performances per year. I can't stop watching because I love to get energy from live stages and I feel the world is slightly different after watching good performances.