Ayumi Yamaoka | TORAY

Engineering the construction of factories for various industries

Updated on Oct. 8, 2015. The validity of this article may expire without notice.

Ayumi Yamaoka
Plant Engineering Dept.
Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

  1. Q1. What was your most impressive work?
    It was the first overseas project I experienced. I test ran the operation of the effluent treatment facilities for the same Toray Group company, Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad (TPM) in Malaysia. At the site, I realized the difficulty and the joy of communicating with diverse races of people who have different cultures and customs.
  2. Q2. What does your company do?
    The company comprehensively undertakes the development, designing, production and installation related to the construction of mainly plant manufacturers’ production facilities or factories.
  3. Q3. What does your department/section do and what work are you in charge of?
    The scope of the current department I work in is total engineering, which includes designing, procurement, installation, and test runs necessary for constructing factories for various industries from medical & pharmaceutical to chemical plants. I am mainly responsible for the design, procurement, and test runs of mechanical related equipment for domestic chemical plants.
  4. Q4. What kind of job do you mainly put a lot of effort into?
    With my line of work, the customer and even the staff within the department changes with each project. That is why I value communication inside and outside the company the most so as to complete the job smoothly
  5. Q5. When do you feel rewarded at work?
    When the project members work together to solve problems such as difficult requirements from customers or issues arising, and receiving appreciation from them.
  6. Q6. What is it that you put a lot of effort into in your personal life?
    One is Sports Kempo, a self-defense martial art that originated from Shiga Prefecture, where my office is located, and the other is the Japanese art of tea ceremony (Urasenke), which is unique to Japan. There is a difference of dynamism and stillness, but they both help my daily life very much by teaching me the importance of aligning the mind and body and the spirit of Ichigo Ichie ("Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur"). The more I work on them, the more I am intrigued by their depth. They are both my life work.