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Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Resin

TORAYCON is a polyester-based thermoplastic resin developed by combining Toray's technological expertise in polyester polymerization and resin-reinforced composites. Featuring outstanding long-term heat-resistance, chemical-resistance, weather resistance and electrical characteristics, TORAYCON is widely used in connectors and other automobile parts, bobbins, coil cases and other electronic and electrical components.

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Carbon fiber reinforced thermo plastics

A result of applied carbon fiber technology and resin technology, TORAYCA pellet is a carbon fiber-reinforced resin for injection molding, made by compounding thermoplastic resin with carbon fibers. Demonstrating the strength, low specific gravity, conductivity and other benefits of carbon fibers, TORAYCA pellet is used for automotive battery cases and structural parts.

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