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Polyacrylonitrile-based Carbon Fibers

TORAYCA is a polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber offering various features such as lightweight, having excellent mechanical properties such as strength and elasticity, resistant to chemicals, water and heat, and being a superb conductor. These features made TORAYCA a widely used material for structural parts and outer panels of vehicles, propeller shafts, pressure containers, and base materials for electrodes, among others. Toray offers TORAYCA in various forms from material yarn to intermediate base material and to molded product, to meet your every need.

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ABS Resin

TOYOLAC ABS resin has an attractive appearance, well-balanced physical properties, and excellent moldability. It is widely used for interior and exterior automobile components such as center clusters and grilles.

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Flexible Film with Metallic Sheen

PICASUS is a high-functional film offering high design flexibility, developed with Toray's proprietary nano-layering technology to reproduce the sheen of metal without using any metal. Offering excellent metal gloss, balanced transparency/reflectivity, radio transmissibility and moldability, PICASUS is used for interior and exterior parts with optical design features, displays, and indicator parts.

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High-heat-resistant adhesive film

Toray's high-heat-resistant adhesive films, resulting from a combination of filler dispersion technology and film processing technology, are sheet-shaped thermosetting adhesives that meet diverse needs.

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