Social Contribution ActivitiesPriority AreasHealth and Welfare

The Toray Group is engaged in Life Innovation businesses and works on social initiatives related to health maintenance and longevity around the world. These activities include promoting cancer screening, instructing youth in sports to foster the healthy development of children, promoting sports, and community volunteering.

Supporting the Pink Ribbon Campaign through Tennis

If detected at an early stage, breast cancer is largely treatable, yet it remains the leading cause of death for women in Japan.
The Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament and the Japan Ladies Tennis Federation (JLTF) continue to support the Pink Ribbon campaign in an effort to promote breast cancer awareness. Every year, JLTF designs a new Pink Ribbon badge that is sold at the tournament.

Proceeds from badge sales go toward a Pink Ribbon Fund used to provide mammograms at medical institutions to assist with the early detection of breast cancer. In addition, every year, a mobile mammogram bus is parked at the tournament venue and provides low-cost mammograms for women.

  • Japan Ladies Tennis Federation booth at the tournament venueJapan Ladies Tennis Federation booth at the tournament venue
  • Mobile mammogram bus provides low-cost testing at the tournament venue. Mobile mammogram bus provides low-cost testing at the tournament venue.

Toray Judo Club in Indonesia

The Toray Group provides judo instruction for youth in Indonesia, to support their physical and mental development.
P.T. Indonesia Toray Synthetics, which is located in Tangerang city in the province of Banten, Indonesia, opened the Toray Judo Hall in 1995 within its company grounds. The Toray Judo Club operates out of the facility and provides free judo instruction to some 50 local youth ranging in age 10–17 years, led by five employees who instruct the youth.

The initiative is recognized not only in Tangeran city, but also in the broader province of Banten, with some 150 athletes participating in the Banten Provincial Judo Junior Tournament in November 2016. Judo offers youth valuable lessons about perseverance and teaches respectful behavior.

Toray Group employees who belong to corporate rowing, kendo, and volleyball clubs, in addition to judo clubs, are involved with communities by coaching youth sports and offering use of in-house facilities to youth sports camps. By supporting youth sports, the Group is helping to maintain health and enhance the welfare of local communities.

  • Mayor of Tangerang city with judo tournament athletesMayor of Tangerang city with judo tournament athletes
  • Athletes practice at the judo club before the tournament matches.Athletes practice at the judo club before the tournament matches.
  • Mayor of Tangerang city bestows a medal on one of the tournament champions.Mayor of Tangerang city bestows a medal on one of the tournament champions.

Promoting Sports Participation by Sponsoring the Shanghai International Marathon

Starting line of the Shanghai International MarathonStarting line of the Shanghai International Marathon

Toray and Toray Industries (China) Co., Ltd. are helping to promote sports in China by sponsoring the Shanghai International Marathon. The 21st event, held in 2016, attracted a record-high 38,000 participants.

Toray Arrows Former Players and Coaches Teach Soft Volleyball Clinics at Elementary Schools

Every year, former players and coaches of the Toray Arrows men's and women's volleyball teams visit elementary schools to teach soft volleyball clinics to their physical education classes. The classes were conducted at three elementary schools in Tokyo in fiscal 2016, with current players also lending a hand to instruct the students. Teachers praised these efforts, saying that the classes were enjoyed by students of all abilities and motivated everyone to try their best.

  • Students play a skill-building game.Students play a skill-building game.
  • Current and former players of the Toray Arrows volleyball team instruct the students.Current and former players of the Toray Arrows volleyball team instruct the students.

Visiting Elderly People Who Live Alone

In April 2016, members of the CSR Committee of the Toray Group in Hong Kong visited the homes of elderly people who live alone, as part of its initiatives to assist the elderly. A social worker first spoke to the committee members before they split into groups to visit the homes of the seniors, who shared many of their life stories.

Giving Blood and Work Day at Home for Persons with Disabilities

In May 2016, Penfibre Sdn. Berhad held its annual blood drive in cooperation with a local public hospital. In its third year, the drive collected blood from 103 persons, including employees of Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad and Penfabric Sdn. Berhad. Thirty-seven liters of blood were collected, enough to save 198 lives.

In September 2016, 30 employees of Penfibre Sdn. Berhad participated in a work day at a home for persons with disabilities in Penang, Malaysia. The volunteers were given a tour of the home and made a safety pledge, before splitting into three teams to do gardening, clean up the facility, and make crafts. The volunteers mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool and inside the home, tidied up the storage area, and also made crafts for fundraising.

  • Toray Group employees giving bloodToray Group employees giving blood
  • Helping out at a home for persons with disabilities Helping out at a home for persons with disabilities

Fureai Trio Concerts

Fureai Trio (front center) with volunteersFureai Trio (front center) with volunteers

Toray co-sponsors concerts by the Fureai Trio for persons with disabilities, with employees helping to organize and run the concerts. In 2016, two concerts were held in Osaka and Tokyo, with Toray inviting 300 and 700 persons, respectively. The volunteers gave directions to the venue and helped people to their seats, as well as helping interested audience members to try playing a violin or come up to the stage to try body percussion.

Sponsoring a Charity Walk to Fund School Meals

Charity walk participants Charity walk participants

In May 2016, Chori Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the WFP Walk the World 2016 event organized by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Walk the World is an annual charity walk to raise funds to alleviate hunger among children in developing countries, with part of the proceeds going to fund school meal programs operated by WFP.

The provision of nutritious meals at schools increases school enrollment and attendance, creating opportunities for learning and helping children to climb out of poverty. Chori supports these efforts and also became a corporate sponsor to promote better health among Toray Group employees. More than 200 employees and family members took part, enjoying the walk and helping to raise 173,400 yen for WFP, enough to provide 5,800 meals.