Corporate Governance and Management TransparencyImplementing CSR Activities and Improving CSR Education

Percentage of group companies performing CSR activities

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Organizational Structure for Social Responsibility

The CSR Committee is headed by the chief social responsibility officer and coordinates six other group-wide committees, assigning tasks under each of the themes of the CSR Guidelines to them, in order to ensure the Toray Group comprehensively implements CSR initiatives. Furthermore, CSR/legal compliance committees have been established at each group company, division, and plant to help implement group-wide CSR activities.

Committee and Implementation Organization

Committee and Implementation Organization

Promoting CSR Initiatives in Every Workplace

A special characteristic of Toray Group's approach to corporate social responsibility is its "CSR line activities," a unique employee participation system that emphasizes putting CSR into practice on the job. In every workplace, relevant departments present suggested tasks corresponding to each of the 10 items in the Group's CSR Guidelines. Based on those tasks, each workplace sets specific actions suited to their respective circumstances and continues to work accordingly.

Group companies also implement various other initiatives. In November 2016, group company Alcantara S.p.A. organized a CSR symposium in Tokyo. Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. issued CSR Report 2017, which featured its activities in fiscal 2016.

  • CSR symposium organized by Alcantara S.p.A.CSR symposium organized by Alcantara S.p.A.
  • CSR Report 2017 issued by Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.CSR Report 2017 issued by Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

In-House Training on CSR-Related Issues

Percentage of group companies performing CSR training

Reporting scope: Toray Group

Fiscal 2016 target:


The Toray Group strives to ensure that social responsibility is firmly rooted in its culture by providing various training opportunities. In fiscal 2016, 100% of Group companies implemented CSR education, achieving the target implementation rate.

In fiscal 2016, Toray and group companies in Japan implemented e-learning education for their employees. Head office staff gave lectures at group companies in Japan and interviewed employees about CSR initiatives in order to increase awareness of CSR.

  • E-learning CSR course for beginnersE-learning CSR course for beginners
  • Interviewing employees of Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.Interviewing employees of Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.
  • Lecture at Kansai TEK Co., Ltd.Lecture at Kansai TEK Co., Ltd.

VOICEMessage from an Outside Director

As a global player aiming for long-term development, the Toray Group must identify future growth segments where it can leverage its strengths, while keeping a keen eye on the overarching global trends. Japan faces significant issues including low birth rates, aging demographics, and a shortage of energy resources. Meanwhile, the global community must address common issues facing humanity, such as those identified in the Sustainable Developing Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations. Corporations around the world are shaping their policies around the SDG framework, while young investors are incorporating environmental responsibility and observation of basic human rights into their investment criteria.

The Toray Group has maintained a corporate philosophy of contributing to society while developing unsurpassed manufacturing technology. I hope that the young employees who will lead the company in the future will develop a vision for addressing global-scale issues and work to realize the vision.

As an outside director, I will face up to the demands and expectations that society places on the Toray Group, and work to ensure that we continue to earn the confidence of the global community.

Ryoji Noyori Vice President (Member of the Board)

Ryoji Noyori

Vice President (Member of the Board)

VOICEMessage from an Outside Corporate Auditor

Human beings are flexible and can easily accept divergent views, which differentiates them from machines. I believe that the success or failure of corporate management is determined by its flexibility in listening to many divergent views. The company must not shy away from engaging stakeholders in dialogue, and when necessary, accept and recognize criticism in order to realize sustainable growth as a company.

I have served as an outside corporate auditor for two years, and in that time we have made definite progress in strengthening governance at the Toray Group, including adopting a framework for self-inspection and assessment of internal controls. The Toray Group has maintained an infrastructure for accepting divergent views. I will continue to share my observations as an outside corporate auditor and work to help the Toray Group realize sustainable growth.

Kazuya Jono Corporate Auditor

Kazuya JonoCorporate Auditor

Holding Stakeholder Dialogue

The Toray Group's Corporate Missions call for contributing to customers, employees, shareholders, and society, by emphasizing stakeholders in its practice of business management. The Group is increasing its dialogue with stakeholders, both through its business operations and through briefing sessions and meetings in each region. In fiscal 2016, Toray conducted regular dialogue with shareholders and employees, and sought input from thought leaders in the fields of CSR and social trends during the process of reevaluating its material issues.
The Group will continue to seek opportunities to hear from stakeholders and gauge their expectations with the involvement of corporate management, in order to shape the direction of its management.

Related Information

Number of stakeholder dialogue meetings

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At least twice per year