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The Toray Group is committed to promoting employee diversity to help build thriving workplaces where each individual's abilities can flourish.

Fostering an Organizational Culture Conducive to the Career Advancement of Women

Women in management positions (%)

Reporting scope:Toray

Fiscal 2016 target:
No annual numerical target

4.5%(As of April 2017)

Toray has long encouraged women in the workplace and implemented policies to support women to build fulfilling careers. The Company promoted its first female manager in 1958 and introduced employee provisions for taking parenting leave, nearly 20 years before parenting leave became mandatory in Japan. In 2003, a woman became president of a Toray Group company. Then, in 2004, Toray launched the Advancement of Women Project. As of April 2017, women held 8.9% of unit manager or higher positions and 4.5% of section manager or higher positions. In June 2015, Toray welcomed its first female director (riji), a position that is equivalent in scope and level of responsibility to senior management.

In fiscal 2016, Toray developed an action plan to increase the percentage of female employees promoted to managerial positions by focusing on individualized career plans and awareness of career development based on Japan's Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, which was enacted on April 1, 2016. Under this action plan, Toray has set the following target, on average, for the five-year period from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2020: ensuring a women's promotion rate that is at least 80% that of men.1 This figure is the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's yardstick for determining whether or not excessive discrepancy exists based on gender. Specifically, Toray will take the following measures to achieve this goal:

  • Request individualized career plans each year to be faithfully followed;
  • Conduct morale surveys every other year and follow up on issues requiring attention; and
  • Bolster training designed to raise awareness of career building.

Training for female managerial staff developed by female general managers at the Toray Group was started in fiscal 2014, and a third seminar was held in in fiscal 2016. Toray is looking to incorporate these seminars into its general corporate training system in the future.
Recognizing that the advancement of women is an undertaking that will be accomplished one hurdle at a time, Toray will continue to work steadily and consistently to address this topic.

  1. 1 Promotion rate of women to managerial positions compared to that of men = Percentage of female employees promoted to managerial positions / Percentage of male employees promoted to managerial positions
    Percentage promoted to managerial positions = Individuals promoted to managerial positions / No. of employees who were initially hired into the G Course who are eligible for promotion to managerial position that year

Related Information

Number of Women in Management Positions and Women as a Percentage of Total Management (Toray)

Number of Women in Management Positions and Women as a Percentage of Total Management (Toray)

Note: As of April each year

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Percent of companies achieving legally mandated employment rate of persons wtth disabilities

Reporting scope : Toray Group (Japan)

Fiscal 2016 target:


The Toray Group hires and employs persons with disabilities, from those with physical challenges to persons with intellectual and mental challenges. The Group is making workplace improvements to remove physical barriers for persons with handicaps as well as instituting safety measures. Additionally, the Group provides comprehensive training upon work placement and gathers feedback from persons with disabilities to make workplace improvements.

Further, Toray meets Japan's legal minimum of 2.0% persons with disabilities, as do 58.1% of Toray Group companies in Japan. Group companies actively seek to hire persons with disabilities through public organizations and job placement agencies. However, some individual group companies do not meet the mandated legal requirement, although the group companies collectively meet the minimum. Toray will continue to focus on this issue moving forward.


Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities (Toray)


Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities (Toray)

Note: As of June 1 each year

Re-employment System

As part of initiatives to encourage full utilization of skilled individuals over 60 years of age, in fiscal 2001 Toray introduced a re-employment system open to all of its unionized employees who wish to continue working. The Company expanded the system in 2005 to include employees in management and specialized fields.