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At the Toray Group, respect for human rights is a mandatory management principle for ensuring the continuity of corporate activities and building positive relationships with all of the Group's stakeholders. The Group works to promote and raise awareness of human rights, for instance by declaring its commitment to the respect of human rights in its Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance Code of Conduct. In the Code, discrimination of any kind based on race, creed, skin color, gender, religion, nationality, language, physical characteristics, socioeconomic status, place of birth, or any other personal characteristic is strictly forbidden in every process from recruiting and hiring to work placement, compensation, training, and retirement.

Since fiscal 2014, the Group has been tackling the issue of discrimination based on gender identification and sexual orientation. In January 2017, the Group established an employee hotline specifically for LGBT issues, which is operated by the Industrial Relations Department of Toray, a dedicated section for human rights promotion. The Group addresses global human rights issues through a working group formed by relevant departments, which studied measures for building a shared awareness of global human rights issues throughout the Group.


Human Rights Training

Percentage of group companies in Japan implementing human rights education and training

Reporting scope: Toray Group (Japan)

Fiscal 2016 target:


Human rights training seminar at Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.Human rights training seminar at Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Toray holds human rights promotion campaigns annually to help increase awareness and understanding of human rights issues. In fiscal 2016, the campaign focused on increasing sensitivity to human rights and building workplaces that are free of discrimination and harassment. The campaign was aimed at preventing sexual, power, and maternity harassment (the latter being discrimination based on pregnancy) and encouraged an understanding of LGBT issues while fostering a corporate climate that respects the dignity of others. Furthermore, at each workplace, Toray communicated the increasing global emphasis that was being placed on human rights from a social responsibility perspective.

Training sessions were held for operational and administrative supervisors at Toray's offices and plants. Workshops were also conducted in conjunction with workplace study groups. As in the previous year, in fiscal 2016 the Human Rights Promotion Section Manager visited Toray and its domestic group companies' offices and plants as part of the campaign, and held workshops for human rights advocates. Human rights training seminars were conducted at 53 group companies in Japan.

Fiscal 2016 Human Rights Training and Seminar

Type of training Number of sessions Number of participants
Toray Training at head office1 40 2,115
Training at offices and plants 1,064 14,034
Training at outside company 48 104
Group companies in Japan Training at companies 161 9,970
Training at outside company 162 261
  1. 1 Total amount of time dedicated to training: 175,310 minutes

VOICEMessage from an Employee

Increasing Awareness of Human Rights among All Employees and Fostering an Enriching and Welcoming Plant for All

I work at the Ehime Plant, which has hired over 600 new employees in the last 10 years. More than 60% of our workforce has worked here for less than 10 years continuous years. We have a vibrant plant with a young workforce that averages 34 years of age. The plant actively promotes human rights and implements various initiatives on its own, in addition to implementing company-wide initiatives.

For example, the plant operates a human rights education database on the corporate intranet, which is updated with various information on human rights topics. For each update, I carefully choose the content, hoping to support education in each workplace. Additionally, the plant incorporates lectures on human rights in its conventional education and training, while each department has a designated human rights awareness month during which workshops are implemented using DVD training materials. The plant conducts an annual survey to gauge the level of human rights awareness among employees and workplaces, and to identify any issues so that the plant can continue to expand these initiatives.

Our efforts show that the plant views human rights initiatives as one of its highest priorities. The plant will continue to steadily implement and improve this work, to increase awareness among all employees and build a plant that is enriching and welcoming for all.

Kimie Hamabe Labor Affairs Section, Administration Department, Ehime Plant, Toray Industries, Inc.

Kimie Hamabe
Labor Affairs Section, Administration Department, Ehime Plant, Toray Industries, Inc.