Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business ActivitiesLife Innovation Business Expansion Project

Materiality Focus

Sales of Life Innovation businesses

Reporting scope : Toray Group

Fiscal 2016 target:
170 billion yen

195.5 billion yen

Today, with the global population at over seven billion and life expectancy rising and birth rates declining not only in developed countries, but also in emerging countries, the world faces issues related to a rapidly aging population. The entire international community must find ways to provide healthcare that helps patients lead healthy, independent lives and ways to deliver high-quality medical care that reduces the burden on both patients and medical staff.

Recognizing that innovation is essential to solving these social issues, Toray introduced its Life Innovation Business Expansion Project in fiscal 2014. This project aims to apply the Group's technologies and business platforms to addressing social issues in the medical and healthcare field. The Life Innovation business was developed to help improve the quality of medical care, reduce the burden on medical staff, and contribute to health maintenance and longevity. The Toray Group selects important products and services for Life Innovation and is developing these businesses group-wide.


Product Definitions and Guidelines

Improving the quality of medical care and reducing burden on medical staff

  • Products used in medical treatment: Pharmaceuticals, therapeutic devices, materials/components related to preparation of therapeutic agents
  • Products used in medical testing and diagnosis: Testing devices and diagnostic systems
  • Supplies for hospitals: Functional, special-grade products
  • Other: Analysis services, manufacturing equipment/facilities

Contributing to health maintenance and longevity

  • Products that improve quality of life for the elderly, persons with disabilities, and patients
  • Products that prevent diseases and disorders
  • Nursing care products

Note: Includes materials and components used in the above products

In fiscal 2016, net sales from Life Innovation businesses were 195.5 billion yen, up from 142.2 billion yen in fiscal 2014. The Group has set a goal of generating 270 billion yen in net sales from Life Innovation businesses by fiscal 2019.

Sales of Life Innovation Businesses (Toray Group)

Sales of Life Innovation Businesses (Toray Group)

Fiscal 2016 Highlights

Clinical Trials Launched for Cancer Treatment TRK-950

Toray has obtained approval from the U.S, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch phase 1 clinical trials1 of TRK-950 for solid tumors. Toray has identified cancer treatment as a priority area for developing original new drugs.

  1. 1 Phase 1 clinical trials are used to test the safety and pharmacokinetics of new drug candidates on human subjects.

Full Product Launch of P-U CELSITE PORTTM EV for Catheter Access Port

Toray supplies catheter access ports, which are medical devices intended for the continuous infusion of chemotherapy and total parenteral nutrition. In March 2017, Toray conducted a full product launch of two new versions of its P-U CELSITE PORTTM, with an improved catheter and added accessories. The latest versions feature a catheter tip with greater contrast media to improve the visibility under X-ray fluoroscopy and make it easier to verify the catheter tip location.

Manufacturing and Sales Approval for RAPROSTM Veterinary Drug to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

In January 2017, Toray obtained approval for manufacturing and sales of RAPROSTM, an oral prostacyclin (PGI2) used to treat chronic kidney disease in cats. RAPROSTM was launched in April 2017, through Toray's marketing partner Kyoritsuseiyaku Corporation. RAPROSTM is the first preparation to receive approval for its efficacy in controlling declining kidney function, expanding the treatment options for cats.