Toray Group Corporate Social Responsibility

The Toray Group strategically practices social responsibility guided by its three-year CSR Road Map, aiming to achieve sustainable growth while helping to build a more sustainable world.

Report from the Chief Social Responsibility Officer

Hideki HirabayashiHideki Hirabayashi
Vice President, Chief Social Responsibility Officer, Toray Industries, Inc.

Working to Position the Toray Group as a Global Leader in Social Responsibility

The Toray Group has from the beginning pledged to have a positive impact on society through its business and has made corporate social responsibility one of its highest management priorities, as an integral part of management philosophy.
The Group has formulated CSR Guidelines and a CSR Road Map to guide its active pursuit of social initiatives, which is driven by designated implementation leaders and clear targets. Every three years, the Group sets out a medium-term management program and CSR Road Map to guide the integrated implementation of management strategies and CSR initiatives. The Group also encourages unique initiatives at the workplace level through "CSR line activities."
The Group will continue to pursue its business globally while seeking diverse opportunities to engage stakeholders and hear about their expectations for the Group, viewing this as an opportunity for growth. We will use the input we receive to shape our management execution and play an active role in addressing social issues. As we move forward, I will make every effort to position the Toray Group as a leader in social responsibility, an enterprise whose very existence is deeply valued by all stakeholders.