Jan. 18, 2021
Toray Industries (India) Private Limited (TID)

TID Donates COVID-19 Preventative Supplies to Villages near Sri City Industrial Site

Located in Sri City Industrial Site, Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India, the Sri City Japanese Companies Group (SJCG), to which TID’s Sri City Plant belongs, contributes to the development of the local community through donation every year of goods such as study desks to primary and middle schools in the neighborhood.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic this year, 27 companies who are members of SJCG jointly purchased sets of masks and disinfectants (each company purchased 1,000 masks and 30 bottles of 500 mililitre disinfectants) and donated them to five villages in the neighborhood where the COVID-19 cases were confirmed.

On September 29, SJCG held a presentation ceremony at Sri City Industrial Site and TID Managing Director Masahiro Yamaguchi, who is the current chair of the SJCG, requested the representatives of the villages to ensure implementation of COVID-19 preventative measures and presented the masks and disinfectants.

TID will continue to maintain and further develop good relationships with the local community through CSR activities.

TID’s Yamaguchi (center right) presenting the masks and disinfectant to the representative of a village
Representatives of the villages and SJCG (TID’s Yamaguchi is at the center of front row)