Jun. 17, 2022
Toray Industries (China) Co., Ltd. (TCH)

Company Supplies Food to Employees during Shanghai Lockdown

Shanghai imposed a city-wide lockdown from March 28, 2022 due to the spread of COVID-19 infections. The lockdown started with the aim of achieving zero corona, but there was no sign of it being called off even after a week, and as it got prolonged accompanied by logistics disruption, various problems began surfacing such as shortage of groceries and difficulties in obtaining them.

Many employees of Toray Group companies including expatriates also were in need, and in response, with TCH and Toray International (China) Co., Ltd. (TICH) taking the lead, working in conjunction with Toray Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd. (TARC), it was decided to provide relief supplies to the employees of TCH, TICH, TARC and expatriates of other Toray Group companies in Shanghai.

Procurement offices were set up by TCH, TICH and TARC which considered the opinions of the national staff to identify the items sought by the employees, strived to clear the purchasing and delivery issues, and delivered the food products such as fresh food and seasonings to the doorstep of the communities where each employee lived.

This distribution was carried out twice in April and once in May. The relief supplies were according to the requests of the employees working from home, and were a welcome gift for every employee, and it naturally also improved the sense of belonging the employees felt towards their companies.

Further, with the lockdown continuing, volunteers at each community and apartment in the city are providing great support. Many employees of Toray Group also spontaneously responded to the call for volunteers. They are working hard by maintaining a balance between work, home, and volunteer activities to get the lives of people in Shanghai back to normal as early as possible. For the company, and for the society, each Toray person in Shanghai is contributing in whatever way they can.

Relief supplies from the company. An employee spelled out Toray with the delivered cucumbers, eggplant, etc. to express gratitude

The details of the volunteers and relief supplies to employees are also uploaded on the Toray China WeChat official account
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