• Sustainability

Toray Group's Green Innovation

Societal Issues

Environmental issues such as global warming, increased CO2 concentration, water scarcity due to population growth, and depletion of resources are worsening day by day.

The Toray Group believes that it has an important responsibility to society to work toward creating a sustainable, low-carbon, circular society by creating innovative technologies to solve these global environmental issues.

Three Challenges in Our Sustainability Vision

Accelerating measures to counter climate change
Realizing sustainable, circular use of resources and production
Providing clean water and air

Toray Group's Initiatives to Resolve Issues

The Toray Group regards its Green Innovation Business (GR) project as one of its top priorities.
In order to solve global issues including climate change, depletion of resources, air pollution, and water scarcity, we continue to take up the challenge in the following eight areas: Energy conservation; new energy; biomass derivatives; water treatment; air purification; low environmental impact; recycling; and process innovation.

  1. Societal Issues

    • Climate change

    • Air pollution

    • Depletion of resources

    • Water scarcity

  2. Toray Group's
    Green Innovation

    Energy Conservation, Process Innovation, Low Environmental Impact

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