Koji Yamauchi (Research Fellows)

Koji Yamauchi
  • Doctor (Engineering)
  • Department : Chemicals Research Laboratories
  • Area of expertise : Polymer design

My research philosophy

I conduct research with a sense of pride that I am involved in polymerization research which is necessary in creating cutting-edge macromolecular materials, and also with a sense of mission to create new macromolecular materials to change our life in the future. Toray has a free, independent culture, and specialists of many different fields are working together actively. I believe the ambition to become a specialist not only in one's research field but also in any industry, and the positive spirit to enjoy the process, will enrich the life of members of society.

Key academic papers

2002 Macromolecules (2002), 35(23), 8745-8750
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2002), 124(29), 8599-8604
2003 Macromolecules (2003), 36(4), 1083-1088
2004 Macromolecules (2004), 37(10), 3519-3522
2015 Macromolecular Symposia (2015), 349, 9-20