Hiroyuki Sugaya (Research Fellows)

Hiroyuki Sugaya
  • Doctor (Engineering)
  • Department : Advanced Materials Research Laboratories
  • Area of expertise : Design of Separation Materials

My research philosophy

Through research, the researcher tries to create new things and values we didn't have before. This means that the research needs so-called "creativity." The seemingly difficult task of "conceptualizing" something can be done so long as we continue to think and rack our brains by taking interest in everything on a routine basis. In addition, Toray has a vast database of accumulated information and latest know-how on materials, as well as experts who are familiar with them. I believe that, by fully utilizing the accumulated technologies and human resources to dig our "concepts" deeper, we can make and give shape to significant creations that meet the manifest/latent needs.

Key academic papers

1992 Antithrombogenicity of polyacrylonitrile-polyethyleneoxide hollow fiber membrane developed for designing an antithrombogenic continuous ultrafiltration system. Artif. Organs, 16(2), 146-50(1992)
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H. Sugaya, Y. Sakai,
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Y. Tanaka, H. Akiyama, T. Kuroda, G. Jung, K. Tanahashi, H. Sugaya, J. Utsumi, H. Kawasaki, and H. Hirano,
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H. Sugaya
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H.Sugaya, Y.Tohotake, H.Umakoshi, R.Kuboi,S. Kizaka-Kondoh, K.Miyata, and K. Kataoka
2011 Creation of Medical Separation Membrane by Controlled Nano Pore Structure and Functionalized Surface,Expected Materials for the Future vol.11(11) 45-51(2011)
H.Sugaya,M. Fujita,Y. Ueno

Third-party awards

2011 Japanese Society for Artificial Organs , The Technical Award of Japanese Society for Artificial Organs, "Novel Antithrombotic Dialyzer"
2014 Local Commendation for Invention of Kinki, The Encouragement Prize for Invention "Antithrombotic protein absorption hollow fiber membrane"